Swagelok Tube Fitters Manual

Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual (PDF)

Since its debut in 1963, the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual has been the industry standard. It's the result of extensive field research and laboratory studies conducted by Swagelok's research and development engineers, plus feedback we've received over the years from our customers.

  • A go-to reference for fluid system engineers, designers, and technicians
  • 11 chapters covering tube fittings and fitting installation
  • Balances theory and practical examples
  • Tubing specification and ordering, severe service, troubleshooting, special purpose fittings, testing and evaluation of fitting performance, threads, pressure ratings, the costs of leakage, valves, and more.

This manual was written by Joe Callahan, who became Swagelok Company's president, earned 32 patents, and served Swagelok for 42 years.

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