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About us

Swagelok Northern California is a locally owned and operated sales and service center of Swagelok—a company celebrating 75 years in business.


Company founded


Fred Lennon and Cullen Crawford start Crawford Fitting Company and begin manufacturing Swagelok Tube Fittings. More →

First regional distributor


John Van Dyke starts Van Dyke Valve and Fitting Company. It is Swagelok's first northern California distributor.

Supports extreme DSV dives


Alvin, first deep submergence vehicle, deployed by NOAA/US Navy. In 1974, used in first manned 9,000 foot dive. Swagelok components play a key role.

Supports first Mars landing


NASA conducts Viking 1 mission to Mars to collect and analyze soil samples. Swagelok components play a key role in mission.

Company growth


Rod Fallow becomes president of Swagelok Sunnyvale, previously Sunnyvale Valve and Fitting and led by Robert Dorricott.

Supplier excellence award


Swagelok earns Lam Research's Supplier Excellence Award, which recognizes exceptional quality, cost reduction, support, and willingness to exceed performance requirements.

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Workplace excellence award


San Francisco Business Time names Swagelok Northern California one of its Bay Area Best Places to Work.

Hose cell added


Swagelok Northern California dedicates 2,500 sq ft of its Fremont facility to its Hose Cell, which is staffed by 15 certified associates.

Company growth


Swagelok Northern California, which has facilities in Fremont and Santa Clara, opens a third facility, in Concord, California.

Company growth


Tony De Luca becomes President & CEO of Swagelok Northern California, previously led by Rod Fallow (2001-2020).

Company growth


Swagelok Company is proud to celebrate its 75th year in business. Our core values continue to drive every decision we make. More →


Integrity. Quality. Respect.

These are among the core values that guide our team. We are 120+ associates helping those who design, install, and maintain fluid systems. With certified experts and $20M in local inventory, we can help you run safe, cost-effective operations.

Established in 1963, Swagelok Northern California is a locally owned sales and service center for Swagelok. We serve 58 counties of northern California and northwestern Nevada. Established in 1947, Swagelok Company is a global company headquartered in Solon, Ohio. It has 20 manufacturing facilities, 6 global technical centers, and a network of 225 sales and service centers in 70 countries employing thousands of associates.

We are here to help. Give us a call at 510-933-6200.

Swagelok branded steel closeup - masked
"Swagelok is basically an industry standard. It's rated by our customers as the best solution that we can provide."

Marcos Porto
Specialty Gases Manager, Praxair

“Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions service gave us everything we needed for the sampling systems, right when we needed it. We didn’t have to buy stock in bulk, our installers didn’t have to compile their own individual inventories, and the pre-packaged kits were delivered to the door, on time. It was the ideal solution."

Johan La Grand

"This place is a pleasure to work with. I called and asked what their order minimum was. They don't have one! I was able to set up an account that day (cash account, no terms). The woman set up my account and called me back within 30 minutes, totally unexpected speed. A company where customer service is still done right."

Jonathan P.
Oakland, CA, via Yelp

“We trust Swagelok because of the experience we’ve had using them.”

William E. “Liam” Keiser, PhD
Director of A. E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and Professor of Physics, University of Ottawa

"Nobody's perfect!! ;-). But seriously, only very rarely would I recommend some other brand for fluid/vapor handling than Swagelok Northern California. You guys are absolutely the best."

Will Kumler
Integrated Surface Technologies

“In less than two weeks they came up with a whole solution. And in the last five years I have [had] no more leaks in the system. That's the sort of capability and specialty that Swagelok provides, and no one else can."

Tan Ha, Former Master Technologist
HP Labs

"The new lube systems are compact, operator friendly, and equipped with modern filtration and coolers that are readily available. In addition, they are neat, clean, and leak-free. The cleanliness and temperature of the delivered oil is markedly improved. The installation will no doubt improve the reliability and maintainability of these gearboxes going forward."

Machine Shop Operator
Chem/Refining (US)

"It is crucial for our Field Operators to be able to grab samples with zero complications. We count on Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems to be the proper design and easy to understand.”

Lab Lead
US Chemical and Refining Company

"Swagelok was instrumental in providing critical support during an unplanned outage. With Swagelok’s support, we were able to have a seamless and on-time startup of a critical unit. Swagelok worked diligently to design standards, improve lead times, and deliver panels by our very aggressive need-by date."

Reliability & Rotating Equipment Engineer
Chem/Refining (US)

"Here at McCampbell we deal with dozens of companies on a regular basis, in our eyes Swagelok Northern California has reached near legendary status for unparalleled customer service! We often shake our heads over shoddy service from others, but actually look forward to ordering with Swagelok Northern California."

Barrett Clark
McCampbell Analytical, Inc.

"Swagelok's ability to identify our existing pain points demonstrates their product and application knowledge."

Reciprocating Engineer
Chem/Refining (US)

"Swagelok has worked with me and my engineers very closely on two critical development projects - providing prototype parts in a timely fashion as well as providing innovative solutions."

Senior Engineer
Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm

"Swagelok’s customized extended male connector fitting has allowed the simplification of these installations. This arrangement not only looks cleaner, it eliminates several pipe joints that no longer need to be monitored for potential leaks."

Rotating Equipment Reliability Manager
Chem/Refining (US)

"User friendly web page, timely response, fast service."

Amir Kondori
Cornes Technologies USA

“We needed precise welds, clean welds, and many of them. And it warranted us actually buying the welder. And I was so pleased when Swagelok hosted our machine guys down in the factory for the training course on welding. And our guys, they’re pretty good welders. And they thought, 'Ah, I’ve got a week holiday down here. We’re going to go down and learn a little bit about the instrument like how to turn it on. But we’re good welders. We’ve got this nailed.' They’ve never worked so hard in a training course in their lives, is the report that I got."

Ian D. Clark, PhD
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Ottawa

“Our refinery is now benefiting from improved seal flushes to the seals and can easily see if there is an issue. The shaft seal leaks no longer dictate our refinery’s maintenance interval and we consider the Swagelok Plan 32 panel a reliable system.”

Reliability Manager
US Refinery

Quick facts

One Swagelok

Swagelok is a $2B company with 5,400 associates, 20 manufacturing facilities, 6 global technical centers, and 225 centers in 70 countries.

 Customer focus

We create value for the customer to create value for Swagelok. Every associate is encouraged to seize opportunities to delight customers.


Customers depend on the Swagelok brand to consistently provide high value and high performance in our products, processes, and services.


Our founder invented the tube fitting in 1947. Swagelok has added 6,000+ offerings since then—all by challenging conventional wisdom.


We are a values-driven company. For us, integrity means choosing to do the right thing with courage and character. No exceptions, no excuses.


We create an environment where every person, at every level, is respected, trusted, and valued. So you get the benefit of working with enthusiastic, talented peers.


Behind every Swagelok product, assembly and solution is the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty—widely regarded as the industry's strongest.


Swagelok diverts 60% of manufacturing waste away from landfills + minimizes energy and water use. Locally we volunteer hundreds of hours each year.


Get a taste of Swagelok's approach to customer value with free calculators, CADs and sales templates, how-to videos, catalogs, guides, best practices articles, and more.




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