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Case studies

See how others use Swagelok in these videos and written stories. Also see Assembly Services.

University of Ottawa teams up with Swagelok on lab design and functionality

Advanced Research Complex (ARC)

University of Ottawa teamed with Swagelok on its research complex housing an accelerator mass spectrometer.


Brownie's Third Lung

This inventor builds Swagelok parts, training, and assembly into his company's compressed air systems.



How Charbonneau used Swagelok services and expertise to accelerate production of refurbished pipeline valves.


Chiller Box Design

An OEM saved big by outsourcing chiller box design optimization and assembly to our team.


Double Robotics/Battlebots

Our team drew on design engineering, fabrication, and troubleshooting skills to survive a series of robot battles.


Engineering Under Pressure

Researchers at a national lab tapped us to design and deliver unique gas panel assemblies within weeks.


GAS Custom Solution

Swagelok helps GAS optimize its speed, quality, consistency and reliability.


GKS Research

GKS uses Swagelok to boost reliability of its industrial automation and analyzer systems for oil, gas, petrochem customers.


Hewlett Packard Labs

Master Technologist Tan Ha talks about how how Swagelok helped HP Laboratories stay on track.


HOERBIGER Engineering

How HOERBIGER Engineering uses Swagelok custom solutions in retrofits for midstream oil and gas industry customers.


Imtech speeds up production

Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions trim Imtech's supply chain logistics and production time, saving money.


Integrated Lab Solutions

Why ILS equipment is built with Swagelok products; why that's a selling point with its chem, petrochem, pharma customers.


INEOS Petrochemical

How Swagelok’s application expertise, training, and custom solutions enhanced safety at INEOS petrochemical facility.

Proton Accelerator Components For Assembly Solutions (1)


Over 10,000 Swagelok tube fittings help prevent leaks in J-PARC, one of the world's most powerful proton accelerators.


Lightfoot Defence

How Lightfoot Defence leveraged Swagelok to engineer and produce units critical to Eurofighter jet fleet's subsystems.


Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Why Luxfer Gas Cylinders selected Swagelok as its partner on zero-emission hydrogen fuel systems.


Ocean Edge Services

How Ocean Edge leveraged Swagelok in its hydraulic power units, control systems, panels for oil/gas applications.


OEM process engineering

Swagelok Northern California helped an OEM stop backward hose installation by the OEM's technicians.


Panels for semiconductor firm

A major semi company turned to Swagelok Northern California for quick design optimization and parts.


Pillar Innovations

To produce the safest, most dependable safety chambers for miners, Pillar partnered with Swagelok.


Praxair/White Martins Gases

For decades, a focus on safety has driven White Martins Gases, a subsidiary of Praxair, to rely on Swagelok.


Shrinking lab panels to fit

With Swagelok's assistance, a utility company shrank key assemblies so they fit into its mobile lab vans.


Solar-Hydrogen House

With Swagelok design optimization and components, Mike Strizki's house became 100% energy self-sufficient.


SpaceX prize competition

Engineers building a WARR Hyperloop prototype to be tested at SpaceX, chose Swagelok as their partner.


Thermocouple assemblies

Our engineering team turned a semi client's pencil sketch into four thermocouple assemblies in two weeks.


Alternative fuel & transportation industry applications support

See how we can support your light and heavy duty, high horsepower, and infrastructure projects.


Chemical & petrochemical industry applications support

See how we can help you optimize processing, sampling, energy use.


Oil & gas industry applications support

See how we meet demands in the world’s toughest industry.


Power industry applications support

See how we can help you avoid vibration, leakage, and installation errors.


Semiconductor industry applications support

See how we are used throughout semi manufacturing, from source to exhaust.

Assembly Services Case Studies
10 examples of customers using Swagelok Assembly Services to simplify, speed up, and save
Assembly Services Handbook
Learn about our capabilities in such areas as mechanical connections, hose assembly, automated ball valve assembly, tube bending, electrical wiring termination, orbital welding, and leak testing. Includes example photos.

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