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Get the best value from Swagelok when you use both our services and products.

Help me choose

We offer thousands of standard parts plus made-to-order items. Get a hand choosing.

Build it for me

We can assemble to order, make to order, engineer to order, and warranty your assembly.

Check my design

Can your plan be tweaked to shrink costs, time, size, or risk? We'll let you know!

Hose my way

Local assembly of Swagelok hose with end connections. Fast, precise, and warrantied.

Manage hose

Our comprehensive hose inspections show you where you can gain more—and save more.

Manage inventory

Let us hold items, replenish inventory, group items with one part number, and more.

Stop leaks

Assess energy leaks & and make a plan. Steam and condensate system training available too. 

Train my team

Choose from seminars ranging from basic to advanced. All led by certified trainers.

Tube bending

Let our local team handle bending ¼" to 2" stainless steel tubing for you.

More services

Many more services are available—like tool rental, kitting & labeling, coding, tracking...

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Resources_Video_Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Service Video_HannahCrumbleholme

Evaluation & Advisory Services

Senior Swagelok experts discuss what to expect from Swagelok training and when to use evaluation and advisory services.


Consistent Customer Experience

Bill Canady on Swagelok's approach to ensuring customer success around the world—at 200+ locations in 70 countries.


Predictive Maintenance

Chris Gravius on maintenance programs that help keep manufacturing equipment running productively.


Example: Charbonneau

How Charbonneau uses Swagelok services and expertise to accelerate production of refurbished pipeline valves.


Example: GAS Custom Solution

How Swagelok helps Green Alternative Systems optimize its speed, quality, consistency and reliability.


Example: Hewlett Packard Labs

How HP Labs uses Swagelok Northern California services and products to problem solve and stay on track.


The Art of Listening

Art Anton on how continuously enhancing value and improving customer experience turns on the art of listening.


Helping Protect Heavy Assets

Bob Wilson on how customers with heavy assets get maximum value from our products and services.

Resources_Video_Engineered to perform under pressure

Performance Under Pressure

Swagelok customers explore and innovate in the harshest environments; like you, we perform under pressure.

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