Swagelok Northern California
Swagelok Northern California

Engineering Services

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Swagelok Northern California

Assembly Services

Swagelok Northern California fabricates custom solutions in our Fremont shop. With certified technicians and large local inventory, we are equipped to provide fully built, leak-tight assemblies. Design, testing, and documentation included.

Our Design & Assembly Services website page offers information on our design, fabrication, and testing capabilities; customer examples; and more.

Swagelok Northern California

Onsite Services

We offer local Swagelok field engineers trained to help customers diagnose, repair, and/or upgrade fluid systems at their facilities. Field engineers come equipped to pinpoint the root cause of current issues, report the details you need to mitigate each issue, and recommend steps to head off future repairs.

Our Evaluation Services page offers information on our capabilities, fluid system engineers, and case studies. Have questions or need a quote? Please get in touch.

Swagelok Northern California

Support Services

We offer skilled account managers, technical support, product selection support, equipment rentals, and more. Many Swagelok customers operate around the clock, so we staff an emergency phone line (510-933-6200) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Support Services page provides detail on options listed above and more. Have questions or need a quote? Please get in touch.

Swagelok Northern California

Training Services

It's not uncommon for maintenance technicians to under-tighten tube fittings, install valves backwards, and create flaws during tube bending. Those are just three examples of common errors. The right training reduces errors, which means fewer repairs, replacements, and rework over many years.

Tube Fitting Safety Seminar (3)
Fittings: Tube Fitting Safety Seminar
Learn correct fabrication procedures. Practice applying thread sealants and lubricants. Know when tubing is better than pipe, and more.
VCR Face Seal Fitting Installation
Fittings: VCR Face Seal Fitting Installation
Learn precautions, welding procedures, installation in ultrahigh purity systems, and more. Get reference materials and job aids.
Materials Science
Materials: Materials Science
Learn to factor in pressure/temp ratings, corrosive threats, and compliance; address sour gas corrosion and NACE standards; and more.
Virtual PASS
Sampling: Process Analyzer Sampling Systems (Virtual)
Explore how sampling systems function, principles and formulas for sound design, and how to prevent errors and inaccurate readings.
Sample System Problem Solving
Sampling: Sampling System Problem Solving
Discuss engineering principles, formulas, fine-tuning systems, how to address time delay and non-representative samples, and more.
Steam Basics
Steam: Steam System Basics
Learn about steam costs, safety, and quality; flash steam recovery; heat recovery; steam piping; condensate piping; and more.
Steam Expert
Steam: Steam System Specialist
Master steam from generation to condensate recovery. Learn to run a safe, efficient system; review steam generation with boilers; and more.
Tube Bending Seminar
Tubing: Tube Bending
Review tube cutters, deburrers and benders. Avoid scrap by learning how to calculate exact tube lengths needed. Practice fabrication.
tube bending 2
Tubing: Advanced Tube Bending
Learn the measure-bend method, Swagelok method, how to do simple and complex offset bends using Swagelok tube benders, and more.
Valves: Valve Basics
Learn to identify proper valve types and functions, understand key features and construction, and spot common errors.
Orbital Weld Training
Welding: Orbital Welding Training
Understand Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Practice operating a Swagelok M200 Weld System. Prep samples for certification (optional).
Customer briefing center
Custom Team Training
We provide group training when and how you need it. We can visit your facility to lead training, conduct virtual training, host groups at our facilities, and more.

Our Training Services page offers additional information on our courses. Have questions or need a quote? Please get in touch.

Swagelok Northern California: Celebrating 60+ Years

Fluid System Specialists

Our engineers earn certification by completing hundreds of training hours with internationally renowned experts and passing dozens of exams. They also recertify every three years.

Global Network

Our local field engineers are part of a network of 100+ Swagelok field engineers around the world. They consult each other for specific applications experiences and more.

Broad Capabilities

Our local team includes engineers, tech support gurus, assembly technicians, procurement experts, and more. We strive to integrate all our capabilities to deliver total solutions to you.

We stand behind every service

Every Swagelok product, assembly, and solution comes with Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Systems use Swagelok components, which are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Per our documented quality process, fabrication is handled by Swagelok-certified associates. Swagelok assembly certification requires that every sample produced earns a grade of 100% from the Swagelok manufacturing engineers who inspect it and put it through destructive testing.

Swagelok Northern California is always reachable. Urgent need? Call 510-933-6200 and listen for "emergency service". This option is staffed around the clock, 24x7, every day of the year.

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About Swagelok Northern California

Swagelok Northern California provides Swagelok fluid system products, assemblies, and services to California and Nevada companies. Our fluid system engineers, trainers, support specialists, and technicians are devoted to helping busy customers run safe, efficient operations. We have tens of thousands of Swagelok tube fittings, valves, hoses, regulators, tubing, and other types of parts in stock in our local warehouses. Give us a call at 510-933-6200.

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