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Selection & Sizing of Pressure Reducing Regulators

A guide to finding the right fit

  • If your regulator is too big for the application, your poppet and seat will be too large, allowing too much flow. Every time that regulator opens, it will allow more flow than you expect. The regulator will do more work than it should need to. You'll see more fluctuations and spikes in your downstream pressure.
  • If your regulator is undersized, instead of having a seat and poppet too large, you'll have one too small. You are probably going to operate closer to the choke flow range. You are also probably going to erode the seat faster than with a properly sized regulator.

Download a guide that demystifies flow curves and explains how to size a pressure reducing regulator using its flow curve.

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Selection & Sizing of Pressure-Reducing Regulators


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