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Swagelok® Welding Systems

Learn how our orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touch-screen operation and real-time monitoring and recording.

For projects requiring a consistent and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touchscreen operation.

The Swagelok orbital welding system provides repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities streamline documentation for easy adherence to industry requirements.

Swagelok Northern California offers a range of Swagelok welding system components, including fixtures and collets, power supply, spare parts and accessories for weld systems, and weld heads—plus rentals, seminars, and more.

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Fixtures and Collets

  • Provide a solid gripping force for secure welds
  • Optimized for ease of use and adjustability
  • Reduce weld variability
  • Contribute to the safety and consistency of welding operations

Welding Power Supply

  • Provides precision and control for orbital welding with easy-to-use touch-screen operation and documentation
  • Monitors and records weld output performance in real-time
  • Uses a high-resolution color touchscreen suitable for industrial use
  • Has a peak output capability up to 200-amp
  • Provides printed and/or electronic documentation of weld output performance
  • Has multiple language capability, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Meets CE, RoHS (EU), GOST R (Russia), CCC (China), and Canadian requirements

Weld Heads

  • Enable reliable, consistent orbital welding of tube and pipe
  • Ensure proper weld head/power supply connection with a polarized power connector
  • Have optical speed control without need for a tachometer or calibration
  • Perform welds on outside diameters ranging from 1/16 to 4 in. and 2 mm to 114 mm
  • Provides greater flexibility to perform welds farther away from the power supply with available weld head extension cables

Spare Parts and Accessories – Weld System

  • Enable high-quality, uniform orbital welds for accurate, repeatable results
  • Supports a wide assortment of weld configurations

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