You depend on our products working right—for process performance and for safety. Here's how we deliver.

Maintaining high quality means...

  • iso_9001-2015.pngTesting raw materials to ensure that the highest-quality material is used in every Swagelok component and assembly

  • Manufacturing our own tooling to add an extra level of control

  • Predictive technologies that keep our machinery running, never letting the supply stop or the quality drop

  • Managing quality along the entire supply chain to guarantee consistent parts, assemblies, and services around the world

  • Everyone at our company living quality, no matter which Swagelok associate you speak with

  • A culture of continuous improvement so tomorrow’s processes and products will be even more dependable than today’s

Products backed by the industry's strongest warranty

Behind every Swagelok product, assembly and solution is the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. Many have tried to copy our products, but nobody has ever tried to copy our warranty.

Quality management that meets the world's toughest standard

Swagelok Northern California’s internal documentation and quality processes comply with ISO 9001:2015. Every three years we get a full ISO audit lasting two and a half days, and in between the main audits we get partial audits annually. See Swagelok Northern California's ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Systems that meet the rigorous Swagelok SQS standard

The Swagelok Quality System is a business management system enabling sales and service centers to systematically manage and improve processes throughout their supply chains. It requires that objectives are clear and measurable, people are well trained, equipment is properly maintained, and processes are consistent. We are evaluated on SQS implementation by an independent third-party registrar, BSi Management Systems. See Swagelok Northern California's SQS certification.

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