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Mechanical Seal Support Replacement Services for California Refineries

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We understand the criticality of mechanical seal support replacement services when your refinery is running 24/7/365.

With reliability, regulatory compliance, and operator safety of highest importance, you need a vendor that is local. You want the highest quality systems right when you need them. That takes years of experience in supporting California refineries. It takes Swagelok experience. 

It’s inevitable that long-established refineries with hundreds to thousands of centrifugal pumps need mechanical seal support replacements. It can be as simple as a new strainer for an API Plan 12 or as complex as a custom-designed system to supply pressurized barrier fluid for a high-temp sour crude process. 

To cover this spectrum of requirements, you require:  

☐ Extensive Inventory

We maintain $20M in local inventory, with over 10,500 standard parts, as well as Assemble to Order, Make to Order, and Engineer to Order products to ensure the replacements you need are on-hand. 

☐ Rapid Delivery

Annually, we deliver over 1 million parts from our Bay Area warehouse. With a 99% ship-to-promise track record, your replacements won’t be delayed.

☐ Industry-Leading Warranty

It’s simple and straightforward. All non-electrical components are warrantied to be free from material and workmanship defects for the life of the product. 

☐ Technical Consulting and Support 

Our certified Field Engineers bring years of in-depth industry knowledge to advise you in the selection of mechanical seal support replacements with the goal of improving reliability while complying with local environmental regulations.

Swagelok Northern California checks all those boxes. With facilities in Concord, Santa Clara, and Fremont, we have resources and expertise to provide mechanical seal support replacement services to California refineries with unparalleled efficiency. 

Local Mechanical Seal Support Replacement Services Keep You Up And Running

Mechanical seal support replacement

With our local presence, you won’t be waiting on a critical shipment from a warehouse halfway across the country. That translates into less downtime and a reduced spares inventory for you to carry. Those time and cost savings go right to the bottom line. 

Whether you need a new pressure gauge or you’re seeking guidance on a better panel design to improve seal support system maintenance, we’re here for you. Conveniently local, exceptionally well-qualified, and readily available—qualities that you expect from the best mechanical seal support replacement services.

Choose Swagelok Northern California As Your Mechanical Seal Support Replacement Partner

As a local partner, Swagelok’s proximity to your facilities, superior material quality, ISO 9001 quality control practices, and certified assembly teams offer the best resources to meet the mechanical seal support replacement needs of Northern California refineries. 

To learn how Swagelok Northern California can help you meet your mechanical seal support replacement needs with local inventory and industry expertise, Contact our team today by calling 510-933-6200.

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Areas served by our fluid systems engineering company

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API Plan 32_thumb

Process Side Plans

View process side plans including the API Plan 32 External Flush Assembly shown above.


API Plan 52

Between Seal Plans

View 11 between-seal plans, including the Plan 52 Plan 52 Buffer Fluid Seal Pot shown above.


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Atmospheric Side Plans

Click to view five plans, including the API Plan 51 Quench from Reservoir shown above.


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