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Fred Lennon's Legacy of Maintaining High Quality Continues at Swagelok

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 9/20/16 9:00 AM

Fred Lennon, Founder, Swagelok Company

In 1947, Fred Lennon borrowed $500 to start a company around an ingenious two ferrule tube fitting and a relentless pursuit of quality. Since then, Swagelok has become $2 billion global company.

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Are Your Risks Under Control? We'll Help You Find Out

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 9/15/16 9:00 AM

Assess your Risk with our Fabrication and Assembly Risk Assessment Tool

Know your risk. Understand the level of risk within each of the key stages of your current fabrication and assembly process by taking our online assessment.

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Changing The World One Fluid System At A Time

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 9/13/16 8:30 AM

Enter the Products for Life Challenge for a chance to win $50,000. Design and enter an environmentally friendly and long-life fluid systems for the home that dramatically outperform existing technologies.
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Swagelok in Action: Assembly Solutions for Analytical Instrumentation

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 9/7/16 9:00 AM

Whether you’re aiming to save long-term time and money, reduce big-picture waste, or even solve an urgent operational problem, Swagelok Northern California is ready to help. Our team has been providing solutions to our customers’ critical fluid system challenges since 1963, and we have countless success stories across a broad range of industries. Solutions for existing systems, new custom systems, and — in the case of one client — location challenges are all part of our Swagelok capabilities.
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Swagelok in Action: Tackling Assembly Design Challenges

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 8/31/16 9:00 AM

From simple parts to full custom assemblies, Swagelok Northern California is fully committed to providing the ideal solution. Our team has offered dedicated service, reliable partnership, and peace of mind to customers in specialty industries since 1963. Custom design and engineering from the Swagelok Northern California team routinely saves our customers time and money.

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Swagelok in Action: Avoid Fugitive Emissions with a Leak-Free Assembly

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 8/24/16 9:00 AM

Whether your focus is saving time and money, reducing waste, or solving an operational problem for peace of mind, Swagelok Northern California offers a solution. Since 1963, we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to do business, no matter the assembly challenge you may face. With successful case studies across a wide range of industries, we’re proud to provide innovative assemblies every day.

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Swagelok in Action: Get a Panel Assembly That You Can Stand By

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 8/17/16 9:00 AM

Outsourcing talent may not be the first solution that comes to mind for an in-house assembly, but it’s often the best approach. Since 1963, Swagelok Northern California’s team has worked to make it easy for you to do business. From the deep Swagelok parts inventory to our wide range of technical experience, no assembly solution is beyond our expertise.

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Swagelok in Action: A ‘Quick’ Fix to a Complex Problem

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 8/10/16 9:00 AM

At Swagelok Northern California, we have a simple goal: to make it easy for you to do business.

No matter the complexity, size, or specialization of a customer project, our team confidently provides the parts and experience needed to handle it smoothly. With over 50 years of experience crafting assemblies, we've developed unique solutions for countless customer challenges. 

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Swagelok in Action: Find a Reliable Partner to Avoid Assembly Risks and Costs

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 8/3/16 8:00 AM

Every Swagelok assembly is crafted with exact specifications, high quality, and truly dedicated service. Since 1963, our team has worked to be one of the industry’s most reliable partners, helping to save time and money, reducing excess waste, and offering peace of mind to customers both large and small.
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Customer Success Story: Swagelok ALD Valves Mean Less Downtime

Posted by Jeff Hopkins on 7/20/16 8:00 AM

“With Swagelok’s ALD valves, we are getting millions of cycles without any problems. In fact, we have yet to break one,” notes Becker. “The lifetimes of these valves are phenomenal. We also appreciate the fact that you can heat them. It’s the perfect ALD valve.”

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