Swagelok filters from swagelok northern california

Swagelok® Filters

Avoid contaminants that lead to off-spec products and other problems downstream with Swagelok Filters. 

If your operations require the removal of liquid or particulate contaminants, turn to Swagelok filters for reliable, repeatable results.

Swagelok Northern California offers a range of Swagelok filters including coalescing, particulate, ultrahigh-purity, inline, and tee-type with a wide variety of filter media.

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Coalescing Particle Filter

Coalescing Particle

  • Use in coalescing or particle filtration service
  • Reduce panel space requirements with horizontal mounting
  • Maintain easily without the need to disconnect the line when changing elements
  • Enhance system cleanliness with stainless steel construction
High Purity Filters

High Purity

  • Meet stringent ultrahigh-purity gas system filtering requirements of SEMI E49.8-96 (SCF series)
  • Have inline, all-welded construction (FW Series)

Particulate Filters: Inline and Tee

  • Filter out particulates in gas or liquid service
  • Offered as inline (ideal for use when space is limited) and tee-type (when ease of maintenance is vital)
  • Feature easily replaceable sintered and strainer elements

Spare Parts and Accessories, Filters and Strainers

Broad range of gasket and element kits available.

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