Miniature modular systems

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Shrink installation and maintenance time with Swagelok's miniature modular systems

View photos and info below on this page. Fill the form to get details.Build and install compact sampling systems and miniature process analyzer systems, conduct analyses at the process line, and obtain real-time results. Swagelok Miniature Modular Systems come with configurator software to develop complete fluid system designs using a computerized layout grid to simplify ordering and final assembly.

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Types of Swagelok miniature modular systems

Modular Platform Components

MPC assemblies feature reliable performance and value in a compact, ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compliant interface. The components consist of a variety of Swagelok surface-mount components, which are ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compliant, and a large selection of substrate and manifold flow components, which create the fluid distribution system. Standard O-rings provide leak-tight seals between each surface-mount and substrate flow component and between the substrate and manifold flow components. Fill the form to get details by email.

Analytical Modular Platform Components

Speed up design and build time and simplify maintenance in a small platform. A variety of ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compliant surface-mount components, substrates, and manifold flow components enable efficient process analyzer, sample handling, and fluid distribution system designs. Fewer O-ring seals than other modular platform systems ease assembly and reduce the number of potential leak points. Complimentary MPC System Configurator tool simplifies component selection, layout, and ordering. Fill the form to get details by email.


Valves for 1.125 in. Modular Gas Systems - C Seal and W Seal Designs

Springless Diaphragm Valves (1.125 in.) For Modular Gas Systems - DE Series,  Springless Diaphragm Valves (1.125 in.) for High Performance - DP Series, and Atomic Layer Deposition Diaphragm Valves - ALD Series 

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