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Swagelok® Miniature Modular Systems

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Swagelok offers a number of Miniature Modular Systems and Related Items including Analytical MPC, Ultrahigh-Purity, Modular Components, Configuration Software, and System Assembly.

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Swagelok® Miniature Modular Systems

Miniature Modular Systems and Related Items: Analytical MPC, Ultrahigh-Purity, Modular Components, System Assembly

  • O-ring and metal-to-metal sealing technologies suitable for many instrumentation and ultrahigh-purity
  • Compact footprint
  • Lightweight, easy-to-assemble
  • Wide variety of surface-mount components

Analytical Swagelok® Modular Platform Components (MPC)

  • The Swagelok modular platform component system is a system for use within process analyzer, sample handling, and fluid distribution systems. The Swagelok MPC system includes a complete selection of MPC series components and a complementary configuration tool called the MPC System Configurator.
  • Modular Platform Components (MPC), Surface-Mount Components, Substrates, Manifolds, Mounting Components, and Assembly Hardware, MPC Series - ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compliant design, 38.2 mm (1.5 in. platform); Easy to configure, assemble, and maintain; Valves, filters, regulators, and pressure gauges, as well as adapters for additional surface-mount components.
  • Modular Surface Mount, Components and Seals - 1.5 in. (38.1 mm) C-seal modular design; Valves: manual and pneumatic diaphragm and bellows-sealed designs; Regulators: manual and preset, high-flow models; Gauges: ultrahigh-purity Bourdon tube pressure gauges; Gaskets: C-seal style for 1-, 2-, and 3-port configurations.
  • Stream Selector System For Process Analyzer Applications—SSV Series - Provides double-block-and-bleed (DBB) operation in a single compact module; Conventional NPT and ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible designs; System pressures to 250 psig (17.2 bar) with 40 psig (2.8 bar) actuation pressure; Integrated flow loop to provide consistent outlet flow; Large colored visual indicator ring for open position.
  • Stream-Select, Switching, and Shutoff Valve Assemblies, TT2 and T2 Series - Provide multiple valve operations in a single, compact unit, Require fewer tubing connections than conventional systems, Save cabinet space and installation time, Include 316 stainless steel valve and actuator
  • Springless Diaphragm Valves, 1.125 in., for Modular Gas Systems, DE Series - Features: 1.125 in. C-seal and W-seal designs; Available in two- and three-port configurations; Compact pneumatic and manual actuators; Fixed orientation of actuator to body for consistency of installation; Corner chamfers on outlet side of body for visual indication of flow direction 
  • Springless Diaphragm Valves for High Performance, DP Series - Features: Suitable for ultrahigh-purity applications; 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body; Low-pressure and high-pressure models; VCR®, tube butt weld, and modular surface-mount end connections; Manual or pneumatic actuation
  • Diaphragm Valves for Atomic Layer Deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition ALD Diaphragm Valves - Features: Ultrahigh cycle life with high-speed actuation; Cv range from 0.27 to 0.62; Up to 392°F (200°C) capability with thermal actuators; Electronic actuator position-sensing option; Suitable for ultrahigh-purity applications with 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body; VCR®, tube butt weld, and modular surface-mount end connections

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