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Industry advantage

View Swagelok products and services that can give your operation an edge.

Alternative Fuel & Transportation

Whether your work involves compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, or hydrogen fuel cells, we can support your light and heavy duty, high horsepower, and infrastructure projects. More →

Chemical & Petrochemical

Swagelok products and our local services are designed to optimize analyzer systems and help minimize safety concerns, costly leaks, maintenance, downtime, and rework. More →

Oil & Gas

Swagelok Northern California helps oil and gas companies address health, safety, and environmental concerns while addressing standards, regulations, and other liabilities. More →


From nuclear to hydro-electric to thermal to cogeneration, no matter what segment of power generation you are in, Swagelok products and services can help you accelerate, simplify, and save. More →


Swagelok has advanced innovation in the semiconductor industry with ALD diaphragm valves tested to 100 million cycles, springless diaphragm valves, fluoropolymer valves, and more. More →

Case Studies

Browse a dozen examples of Swagelok performing under pressure in a variety of industries including alternative fuel, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, power, and semiconductor. More →

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