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Many process analyzer sampling systems in today’s plants are not fulfilling their intended purpose, which is to deliver an uncontaminated, representative sample to the analyzer without excessive time delay. This page introduces Swagelok Grab Sample Modules (GSM) using cylinders and Liquid-Only Systems (GSL) using bottles. Scroll down to view some options and a video overview.

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Grab Sample Module (Cylinders)

Swagelok's grab sample modules (GSM) use pressure-rated sample cylinders which prevent the sample from escaping, even under pressure, and are durable to prevent accidental breakage. The Grab Sample Module is the most reliable method of capturing a sample.

Use the form to get detailsLiquid-Only Sampling (Bottles)

Swagelok's liquid-only sampling system (GSL) is used in a number of liquid applications where the process fluid is not at risk of fractionating or evaporating when stored at atmospheric pressure. This uses less costly glass lab bottles to draw and store the sample.

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See how Swagelok grab sampling systems compare to other options. (3:54)

Things to know about Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems

  • Backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Versatile mounting options for easier installation
  • Standard sample systems can be configured using a part number table for simplified ordering
  • Additional instrumentation is available, including gauges, meters, and flow indicators
  • Local, factory-certified experts for local fabrication and support

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We can help you choose the correct part, train your team, build assemblies, get the right hose with the right end connections, stop leaks, and more. 

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