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High-Temperature Valves

Selecting High-Temperature Valves for Northern California Industrial Use

While selecting high-temperature valves, you may come across a number of options such as ball valves, check valves, needle, plug, and rising valves, among others. These valves come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials. Thus, choosing the right valve for your specific needs can be cumbersome. To select the proper high-temperature valve for your system, you must first understand the purpose of high-temperature valves and their compatible environments. Swagelok offers you a large selection of high-temperature valves and industry experts to help you make the optimal choice for your system’s needs and requirements. 


Swagelok Valves at a Glance

A valve’s function (on/off or flow control), nature of fluid (liquid or gas), and direction of flow (unidirectional or bidirectional) determine the type of valve required for a system. Swagelok offers both on-off valves and flow control valves

On-Off Valves

swagelok-norcal-on-off-valvesThese valves are ideal for simple on-off operations. Depending on your need, the following valves are useful to control on-off operations:

  • Ball Valve: practical and economical; ideal for straight flow path control with just a quarter-turn of the handle or actuator 
  • Gate Valve: for large processing; used to control flow larger than two inches by raising/dropping the gate through a handle 
  • Diaphragm Valve: for ultra purity applications; used to achieve precise actuation speeds and first shut-offs through the bi-directional pressure-responsive throttle
  • Bellows Valve (pictured above): for high containment zones; used to offer a strong, welded seal to the atmosphere and safeguard against leakage

Flow-Control Valves

swagelok-norcal-flow-control-valvesFlow control valves are useful when you need to achieve a specific flow rate using the valve.  

The most common flow valves are:

  • Needle Valve: for lighter, less viscous fluid; controls fluid flow with a tapered pin moving up and down through a handwheel 
  • Fine Metering Valve: for precision flow control; the long, fine stem is ideal for high flow, high press requirements 
  • Quarter-Turn Valve (pictured above): for economical low throttling applications; uses a ball valve design that rotates a cylindrical plug by a quarter to block the flow path
  • Rising Plug Valve: for handling slurries or solid impurities; reduces flow as a tapered plug lowers into an orifice

The Benefits of Swagelok High-Temperature Valves

The biggest advantage to using Swagelok high-temperature valves is that they are easy to service and rebuild with Swagelok exclusive kits. These kits give you clear instructions on how to adjust or replace the packing along with how to rebuild the assembly, if necessary. 

Servicing needs may vary from one valve to another. However, it’s very simple to adjust the packing through the upper nut of the valve. If you need to completely rebuild the assembly, it’s imperative to gain access to the interior of the valve. 

With Swagelok valves, you can gain access either by simply removing the top nut or by completely removing the upper works from the body. Swagelok metering valves make use of O-rings instead of packing. They may need to be serviced after being in the application for a long period of time. 

With the prepackaged kits, your team is able to do its job faster while being meticulous about quality. Because of the way Swagelok parts and assemblies are produced, Swagelok stands behind each of its parts and each of its assemblies with an industry-leading Limited-Lifetime Warranty. 

You can easily get access to Swagelok kits and service instructions through the Swagelok exclusive Electronics Desktop Guide (Swagelok eDTR), available for download here. 

Swagelok 60 Series High-Temperature Valves

swagelok-norcal-60-series-high-temp-valveSwagelok 60 Series high-temperature valve design combines reinforced PTFE with a coned-disc spring-loaded seat to compensate for seat wear and pressure and temperature changes. A two-piece chevron packing is used to ensure a reliable stem seal. That way, more of the torque on the packing nut can be distributed to the contact area with the stem and the body of the valve. The packing is backed up by a pair of Belleville springs to apply a consistent load on the packing.

Unique Features

  • Smooth, quarter-turn rotary operation
  • Customized body and seat materials
  • End connections range from ⅛ inch to 2 inch
  • Optional pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Vented balls to prevent overpressurization 
  • API 641 certified for low fugitive emissions 

Customize Assembly for High-Temp Applications

When you are looking for a 60 Series ball valve for high-temperature service, a quick look at the pressure-temperature chart in our catalog will show you that the Thermal Service version has the highest temperature rating. What some often miss is that it uses metal-to-metal seats. Metal simply can't seal as well as elastomer seats. It's important to look at the seat leakage rate for the valve.

Different parts of the valve can be customized using a wide variety of materials to accommodate your system temperature needs. With alternative materials of construction, the valves can be configured for a wide temperature range; from as low as 68.9 bar at -28°C with Alloy X-750 seats to as high as 55.1 bar at 232°C with PEEK seats.  

The customization options for Swagelok 60 Series valves include:

For On-Off (two-way) Valves

  • Valve Body Material: 316 stainless steel, brass, or carbon steel
  • Seat Material: Reinforced PTFE, Alloy X-750, carbon/glass PTFE, PEEK, UHMWPE, or virgin PTFE
  • Flange Seal Material: Alloy X-750, PTFE coated, ethylene propylene, neoprene, PTFE

For Switching (three-way) Valves

  • Seat Material: Reinforced PTFE, carbon/glass PTFE, PEEK, UHMWPE, or virgin PTFE

Special Application 60 Series Valves

In addition to the general-purpose 60 Series ball valves, Swagelok offers these variations for special applications: 

  • S60P Series: Steam series ball valves for erosive nature steam 
  • T60M Series: Thermal service ball valve for hot gasses or low viscosity fluids
  • A60T Series: Fire series valves to offer reliable stem seal in the event of fire
  • C60V Series: Valves for chlorine service 
  • W60T Series: All-welded valves for leak-tight fluid containment 
  • L60 Series: Valves for low-temperature service (–53 to 121°C)
  • R60T Series: Valves for rapid cycling service or for applications where packing adjustment is difficult 

With so many options, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Swagelok can help.

Don’t Let Selecting High-Temperature Valves Overwhelm You 

Swagelok Field Engineers can help you select and size valves for your instrumentation system. They will analyze your system flow to suggest matching valve types and associated auxiliaries for smooth fluid management. Our experienced Field Engineers can also help you customize different parts of your valve, such as O-ring, seat, handle, body, and bonnet with available material options to meet your system’s temperature and pressure rating.

To find out more about how Swagelok Northern California can help you with selecting high-temperature valves for your application, contact our team today by calling 510-933-6200.

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Types of Swagelok valves

Ball Valves

Available in a variety of standard materials and end connections. Offered in high flow and quick-quarter turn manual or pneumatic actuation. Engineered for repeatable, leak-tight shutoff. Low overall cost of ownership. Can be manufactured or configured to a wide range of specifications. Fill the form to get details.

Bleed and Purge Valves

Designed to safely bleed system pressure prior to maintenance, removal of an instrument, or when calibrating control devices. Knurled caps permanently assembled to the valve bodies to enhance safety. Fill the form to get details by email.

Excess Flow Valves

Stop the uncontrolled release of system media when a downstream line ruptures. Reset automatically when pressure is restored. Reduce maintenance time. Eliminate the need for complex bypass mechanisms. Fill the form to get details by email.

Metering Valves

Swagelok offers several metering valves for low- and high-pressure service in 316 stainless steel and brass materials with flow coefficients from 0.004 to 0.16 for low-, medium-, and high-flow applications. Deliver accurate flow rate control in analytical, instrumentation, and research applications. Suitable for low- and high-pressure situations. Fine adjustments for precision applications. Fill the form to get details by email.

Needle Valves, Shutoff and Regulating

Swagelok offers a broad line of needle shutoff and regulating valves to control flow in general- and severe-service applications. Reliable and consistent flow control. Offered in a variety of materials, sizes, and end connections. Engineered to withstand corrosive and extreme conditions. Fill the form to get details by email.

Process Interface Valves

Efficient transitions from process piping systems to instrumentation systems in a single configuration with fewer potential leak points. Lower installed weights and smaller footprints compared to assemblies featuring multiple valves and fittings. Fill the form to get details by email.

Quarter Turn Plug Valves

Economical, reliable alternative to ball valves. Dependable low-torque, quarter-turn operation. Simple, compact design to deliver full flow and positive shutoff. Available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and lightweight PFA. Fill the form to get details by email.

Proportional Relief Valves

Provide simple, reliable, over-pressure protection for a variety of general-industry applications. Have easy external set pressure adjustment. Fill the form to get details by email.


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