Supporting Chemical & Petrochemical Applications

From assembly and fabrication, energy management services, and Grab Sample Panels to hose assemblies, PTFE hose, and training, Swagelok Northern California is here to help.

Optimize front end processing, back end sampling, & energy use

From maintaining accurate pressure, temperature, flow and analytical measurements to improving uptime of rotating equipment and emissions monitoring systems, the pressure to improve performance doesn’t stop. But Swagelok Northern California is here to help you meet the challenges.

Products popular with our chem and petrochem customers include:

  • Grab Sample Panels
  • Hose assemblies with end connections
  • T and X Series PTFE Hose
  • Swagelok tube fittings
  • Regulator assemblies
  • Isolation valves

Services used by our chem and petrochem customers include:

  • Assembly & fabrication services
  • Process Analyzer Sampling System training (PASS Class)
  • Gas regulation and steam services 
  • Design optimization
  • Refinery & Petrochem Steam System Optimization Course

Other particularly relevant services include advice on minimizing hose maintenance, leak detection, and orbital welding training.

Grab Sample Systems

Configurable, local, reliable

Grab Sample Page Image.jpg

Customizing Swagelok grab sample systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture—meeting your specific plant application needs. The panels are available in a variety of configurations and advanced features. Plus, local support ensures fast, dependable expert service.

Hose assemblies with end connections

Every hose tested before delivery


Here at our Fremont, CA facility, 12 full-time certified hose technicians build thousands of Swagelok hoses per year. Our associates use specialized tools to cut hose and flexible tubing to precise lengths then attach chosen end connections, pressure-test and document the results, and deliver.

Every single hose you receive from us has been tested. We can do hydrostatic, immersion, and pressure decay tests. And the documentation you receive links each hose with its local assembler.

PTFE Hose 

Flexible, resilient, versatile

We offer Swagelok X Series PTFE Hose

Swagelok T and X Series PTFE Hoses are for instrumentation lines for laboratories and testing, transfer lines for most chemicals, corrosives and dyes, and water and polymer lines for cleaning heat exchanger piping.

Process Analyzer Sampling System Training

Preparing staff to spot issues & tune performance


Swagelok prepares process analytical engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel to catch mistakes before they happen. Our experts will teach yours to recognize existing problems in installed systems, fine-tune for optimum performance and, ultimately, provide a timely result that is representative of the fluid in the process line at the time the sample was taken.

Analytical Instrumentation training covers most everything a learner needs to know about process analyzer systems—from basic chemistry through sampling system design and build, all the way to system troubleshooting and optimization.

Swagelok tube fitting 

Repeatable, reliable, leak-tight connections


The Swagelok tube fitting was patented and brought to market in 1947, resolving problems the refining and petrochemical industries were experiencing in making repeatable, reliable leak-tight connections on process instrumentation systems.

The patented case-hardening process and back-ferrule geometry produce an excellent colleting grip of the tube, minimizing the effects of vibration. Because this design uses consistent geometry instead of torque for gaugeable make-up, the Swagelok tube fitting can be used on a range of thick- or thin-walled, hard or soft tubing, while resisting the effects of pressure and thermal cycling.

Excellent gas-tight sealing and consistent reassembly help ensure your chemical and petrochemical plant systems—batch and continuous processing, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, mixing, separation, and utilities—operate efficiently and enable you to output economically in commercial quantities.

Assembly and fabrication services

Built-to-order, made-to-order, and engineered-to-order options

Assembly Solutions customers receive:

  • As much time as you need to discuss the solution
  • CAD drawing with piping and instrumentation diagram
  • Component selection and Bill of Materials 
  • Bending, welding, and assembly by certified technicians
  • Testing and warranty of the assembly
  • Professional packaging and delivery

With 70+ local associates and a dedicated Assembly Solutions Team at our Fremont office, Swagelok Northern California can help you achieve your goals. Whether putting an adapter on a valve or configuring a complete panel or sampling system, our team can design it, build it, and warranty it.

Energy management services

Minimize leaks. Maximize efficiency

We offer comprehensive energy management services, including identification of leaks and other energy wasting problems in your facility, recommendations on cost-effective corrective actions, and more. 

In Swagelok's Compressed Gas Leak Detection Program, we track down argon, helium, nitrogen, and CDA leaks as small as 1 x10-3 cm3/s; quantify and analyze each one; and arm you with details you need to tighten up your operation.

Steam System Optimization Seminar

The Refinery & Chemical Steam System Reliability, Safety, and Optimization training course reviews all aspects of a refinery/chemical steam system and is designed to provide attendees with a solid understanding of steam system management including topics such as heat transfer, steam leakage, desuperheating, steam tracing, steam turbines, steam and condensate piping, safety, and steam system mass balancing. Attendees work in groups to accomplish different tasks relating to a steam system.

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