Swagelok Northern California
Swagelok Northern California

Fulfillment & Implementation Support

Local support is available when installing Swagelok components, adjusting account details, and more.
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From custom kitting and delivering just-in-time to answering installers' questions and simplify reordering, we are ready to help. Plus, we have posted answers to some common questions, along with installer guides and how-to videos. Tel: 510-933-6200.

Answers During Installation

We can answer questions when your team is installing, commissioning, inspecting, and doing maintenance on Swagelok products.

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Clean Room Packaging

Involved in ultra-high purity (UHP) applications? We can assemble, kit, and package in our Class 100 clean room if needed.

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Consolidated Billing/Shipping

We can reduce the need to cut numerous purchase orders (POs) and receive numerous deliveries. Buying at website? Choose "Ship Complete" to reduce back-orders. 

Consolidated billing-shipping

Custom Kitting

Customized component packaging may save installers and technicians time. For example, Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions trimmed Imtech's supply chain logistics and production time, saving money. There are dozens of options, and we are glad to discuss them with you. 

Custom kitting

Customer Support

We are happy to help with quotes, ordering, shipping, documentation, billing/payments, and more. We also welcome your feedback, suggestions, and requests for information.

Single SKU reordering

Emergency Parts

We are always reachable when you urgently need parts or support. Please call 510-933-6200 and follow prompts for “emergency service".

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put PTFE tape on tapered pipe threads? Is there a minimum amount for orders? What does the name Swagelok mean? View answers to questions about products, services, processes, and Swagelok itself.

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Installer Guides & Manuals

Swagelok has published dozens of free guides, manuals, and handbooks for those installing and commissioning Swagelok components. Please see our Downloads section (under Resources) for details.

Installer Guides

Just In Time (JIT) Delivery

Optimize inventory, scheduling, processing, receiving, and freight. JIT delivery helps you maintain steady supply.


Order Expediting

Sometimes customers discover they need something more quickly than it's scheduled to arrive. We are glad to work with the shipper to help make the need-by date.

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Shipment Tracking

We link each customer's purchase order to the carrier so you can track shipments. You can also get a monthly report on purchases and deliveries.

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Single SKU Reordering

We can assign a single SKU to an order so that reorder is simple. This is particularly helpful when we provide custom solutions.

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We are glad to handle sourcing for customers, including finding replacements or substitutions from other manufacturers.


Technical Support

When customers need technical details about Swagelok components and systems, our Technical Support team has answers. From helping to ensure compatibility to advice on configuring, installing, commissioning, and maintaining, we are here to help.

Customer support

Tech Tips Videos

Swagelok Northern California has published dozens of videos showing how to select, install, and service Swagelok products. Browse the How-to Videos section of this site (under Resources) for details.

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“Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions service gave us everything we needed for the sampling systems, right when we needed it. We didn’t have to buy stock in bulk, our installers didn’t have to compile their own individual inventories, and the pre-packaged kits were delivered to the door, on time. It was the ideal solution."
Johan La Grand
Senior Buyer, Imtech


Browse videos related to Swagelok product selection and customer support, including an example of Tech Tips:

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