Customer Feedback

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"Synonymous with etiquette and competence"

Here at McCampbell we deal with dozens of companies on a regular basis, in our eyes Swagelok Northern California has reached near legendary status for unparalleled customer service! Often lamenting over dreaded contacts with shoddier service, we look with glee to the good-times when an order with Swagelok Northern California crests the horizon. My commentary here, on this day, reflects this statement two-fold: Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Alex; a gentleman whose name and demeanor I have come to recognize as synonymous with etiquette and competence. My interactions with Alex have always exceeded my expectations, offering a level of professionalism and exuberance that is unparalleled, even among Swagelok Northern California’s fine crew. And so I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Swagelok Northern California family, and especially to Alex, for brightening the often mundane experience of - placing orders.

Barrett Clark
McCampbell Analytical

"Where customer service is still done right"

This place is a pleasure to work with. I called and asked what their order minimum was. They don't have one! I was able to set up an account that day (cash account, no terms). The woman set up my account and called me back within 30 minutes, totally unexpected speed. I was able to place my order and they were able to ship it that day within just a few hours after lunch. After dealing with a bunch of poor customer service recently it was very exciting to contact a company where customer service is still done right.

Jonathan P.
Oakland, CA via Yelp

"Great experience; took a lot of time to educate me"

Great overall experience! Peter took a lot of time out of his day to educate me on their products. I am very grateful on all the help I received.

Charles B.
Customer, Petaluma, CA via Yelp

"Everything we needed for sampling systems"

Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions service gave us everything we needed for the sampling systems,” he said, “right when we needed it. We didn’t have to buy stock in bulk, our installers didn’t have to compile their own individual inventories, and the pre-packaged kits were delivered to the door, on time. It was the ideal solution.

Johan La Grand