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Customer Reviews

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“In less than two weeks they came up with a whole solution. And in the last five years I have [had] no more leaks in the system. That's the sort of capability and specialty that Swagelok provides, and no one else can."
Tan Ha, Former Master Technologist, HP Labs (more)
“We trust Swagelok because of the experience we’ve had using them.”
William E. “Liam” Keiser, PhD, Director of A. E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and Professor of Physics, University of Ottawa (more)
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"User friendly web page, timely response, fast service."
Amir Kondori, Cornes Technologies USA
"Nobody's perfect!! ;-). But seriously, only very rarely would I recommend some other brand for fluid/vapor handling than Swagelok Northern California. You guys are absolutely the best."
Will Kumler, Integrated Surface Technologies
"Here at McCampbell we deal with dozens of companies on a regular basis, and in our eyes Swagelok Northern California has reached near legendary status for unparalleled customer service! We often shake our heads over shoddy service from others, but actually look forward to ordering with Swagelok Northern California."
Barrett Clark, McCampbell Analytical, Inc.
"This place is a pleasure to work with. I called and asked what their order minimum was. They don't have one! I was able to set up an account that day (cash account, no terms). The woman set up my account and called me back within 30 minutes, totally unexpected speed. A company where customer service is still done right."
Jonathan P., Oakland CA via Yelp
“We needed precise welds, clean welds, and many of them. And it warranted us actually buying the welder. And I was so pleased when Swagelok hosted our machine guys down in the factory for the training course on welding. And our guys, they’re pretty good welders. And they thought, 'Ah, I’ve got a week holiday down here. We’re going to go down and learn a little bit about the instrument like how to turn it on. But we’re good welders. We’ve got this nailed.' They’ve never worked so hard in a training course in their lives, is the report that I got."
Ian D. Clark, PhD, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Ottawa (more)
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"Swagelok has worked with me and my engineers very closely on two critical development projects - providing prototype parts in a timely fashion as well as providing innovative solutions."
Senior Engineer, Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm
“Swagelok’s kitting and assembly solutions service gave us everything we needed for the sampling systems, right when we needed it. We didn’t have to buy stock in bulk, our installers didn’t have to compile their own individual inventories, and the pre-packaged kits were delivered to the door, on time. It was the ideal solution."
Johan La Grand, Imtech (more)
"It is crucial for our Field Operators to be able to grab samples with zero complications. We count on Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems to be the proper design and easy to understand.”
Lab Lead, US Chemical and Refining Company
"Swagelok is basically an industry standard. It's rated by our customers as the best solution that we can provide."
Marcos Porto, Specialty Gases Manager, Praxair (more)

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