Swagelok Pressure Regulators from Swagelok Northern California

Swagelok Pressure Regulators

Reliable pressure control is essential to the safe operation of your fluid systems.

We have the right regulators to fit almost any situation, and our experts can help you choose a configuration that will maintain pressure and minimize droop over a wide range of pressures and flows. Swagelok Northern California offers a comprehensive line of pressure regulators, including back-pressure dome-loaded; back-pressure spring-loaded; pressure-reducing dome-loaded; pressure-reducing spring-loaded; high purity; sanitary; and tank-blanketing regulators. Scroll down for an overview.

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Back-Pressure Dome-Loaded Regulators

  • Control inlet or upstream pressure to protect sensitive equipment from costly damage
  • Enable dynamic pressure control to provide more consistent upstream pressure as flow demands vary
  • Maintain control safely with the fixed gas dome by balancing the dome pressure against the force of the inlet pressure

Back-Pressure Spring-Loaded Regulators

  • Maintain upstream pressure control in analytical or process systems
  • Protect sensitive equipment from costly damage
  • Have low internal volume
  • Are offered in various styles to adapt to any setting or requirement including:

Pressure-Reducing Dome-Loaded Regulators

  • Minimize droop by balancing outlet pressure with dome pressure
  • Enable dynamic pressure control to provide more consistent downstream pressure as flow demand vary
  • Maintain control safely by balancing the dome pressure against the force of the outlet pressure

Pressure-Reducing Spring-Loaded Regulators

  • Reduce downstream pressure and keep it constant, even when inlet pressure or flows fluctuate
  • Control inlet pressures up to 10 150 psig (700 bar)
  • Minimize droop in conditions with flow and pressure fluctuation
  • Are suitable for gas or liquid and high-purity or high-flow applications
  • Are offered in bottom-mounting, self-venting, tamper-free designs, as well as panel-mounting, convoluted and non-perforated diaphragm, metal or polymer seats, and two-stage configurations

Specialty Pressure Regulators

  • Designed to fit special applications
  • Accommodate phase changes with steam-heated and electrically heated gas vaporization models
  • Switch automatically between two gas sources with the gas cylinder changeover model, easing the burden and downtime associated with manual changeovers
  • Provide low pressure and high flow of an inert gas to the vapor space of a storage tank with a tank blanketing pressure regulator

Swagelok Regulator Assemblies

Swagelok Northern California’s regulator assemblies provide the most frequently requested configurations for gas bottle or inline service utilizing the KPR-Series pressure reducing regulator (KLF for 0-10 psig control range).

Pressure Control Ranges
Gas Bottle: 0 to 50 psig through 0 to 500 psig
Inline: 0 to 10 psig through 0 to 500 psig

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