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Mechanical Seal Support  Assembly Services for the Petrochem Industry

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We know it’s mission critical. You need a mechanical seal support system assembled and delivered. Today.

And that’s not all. You need it to fit with the existing infrastructure of an older petrochemical refinery. It must be optimized for operator access and ergonomics, too. On-demand access to local critical spares is also non-negotiable. 

map-1Swagelok Northern California can do all of that—and more. We have the accessibility and resources to meet the mechanical seal support assembly needs of local refineries with unparalleled efficiency. 

With a team of expert Field Engineers, a warehouse and will call in Concord, and a fabrication facility in Fremont, we are your best vendor choice for mechanical seal support Assembly Services. Our work is backed by the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry.

Local Mechanical Seal Support Assembly Delivers Quality on Budget

Our Bay Area presence means that you won’t have to wait on a shipment from a distant centralized manufacturing facility for new mechanical seal support systems or upgrades.

We are right here, ready to design, build, and deliver a reliable seal support system—when you need it. And critical spares are just a quick phone call away. 

How Swagelok Northern California Saves Time and Money

Design Build Time

Don’t waste in-house labor hours when we can expertly assemble a new seal support system more efficiently.
Shipping Time Never wait for an overseas shipment again—or pay those tariffs, taxes and import fees. We have an extensive inventory and deliver on your time, locally.
Potential Downtime Prevent unnecessary downtime caused by equipment failure by relying on our local stock of critical spares.
Waste Costs Avoid expired product assurances. Our Lifetime Warranty means the component will still be ready to use when you need it.  

Every mechanical seal support system assembly begins with detailed engineering drawings and component specifications for your review. Our Swagelok-certified technicians then fabricate your assembly according to the approved design, following an exacting ISO 9001 mechanical seal support quality control process. Every seal support system is thoroughly tested prior to delivery. 

Let Swagelok Northern California Be Your Seal Support Partner

As a local partner, Swagelok is always available for ongoing consulting and technical support, advice regarding maintenance strategies, and critical spares when needed. Swagelok’s proximity, design practices, superior component quality, and expert fabrication teams are ideally suited to meet the mechanical seal support assembly needs of Northern California refineries.  

To learn more about how Swagelok Northern California can help address the unique mechanical support system assembly needs of your refinery, from design to after-market support services, contact our team today by calling 510-933-6200.

Questions? Contact us about your refinery's mechanical seal support system assembly needs:

Click below to view examples:

API Plan 32_thumb

Process Side Plans

View process side plans including the API Plan 32 External Flush Assembly shown above.


API Plan 52_thumb

Between Seal Plans

View 11 between-seal plans, including the Plan 52 Plan 52 Buffer Fluid Seal Pot shown above.


API Plan 51

Atmospheric Side Plans

Click to view five plans, including the API Plan 51 Quench from Reservoir shown above.


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