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Play webinars recorded 2012-2017 on pressure reducing regulators, Swagelok Pre-Engineered Subsystems, hose selection, and more. To learn about new webinars, follow us on social media or subscribe to email updates (links in page footer).

How Back-Pressure Regulators Work

Swagelok field engineer Eric Kayla discusses how back-pressure regulators work, contrasts back-pressure regulators with relief valves, how to read a back pressure regulator flow curve, and real-world applications.

25 minutes | Uploaded 03.11.2015

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Selecting and Sizing Pressure Regulators

Swagelok field engineer and regulator expert Eric Kayla covers how to read a flow curve to size a regulator and important correction factors. He demonstrates how to choose a regulator using a real-world example.

34 minutes | Uploaded 01.30.2013

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Pressure Regulators: Theory & Operation

Swagelok field engineer and regulator expert Eric Kayla covers the basics of pressure-reducing regulators — from operating principles and key components to fluid system terminology like "droop" and "creep".

35 minutes | Uploaded 12.04.2012 

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Hose Selection

Presenter Patrick Werrlein draws on 20 years of hose industry experience to provide a tutorial in hose selection. Werrlein discusses application variables, hose components, and how they factor into selecting the right hose.

43 minutes | Uploaded 07.15.2013

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Process Sampling

Industrial process analyzer expert Tony Waters and Swagelok analytical instrumentation market manager Doug Nordstrom discuss use of standardized subsystems for capturing, conditioning, and transporting process samples. 

35 minutes | Uploaded 09.04.2012

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Steam System Reliability

Swagelok Energy Advisors technical manager Kelly Paffel focuses on prevention of steam leakage and component failures. One benefit of a steam system reliability program: components last longer—6 years or more.

21 minutes | Uploaded 03.30.2015

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