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5 Steps to Selecting Hose

Part of our Hose Selection Tutorial, this briefing covered hose components, comparing hose types, and key application variables.


Selecting a Pressure Regulator

This technical briefing focused on explaining flow curves and how to select the appropriate type and size regulator for each application.


Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple

This briefing covered theory of operation, sensing elements, back pressure regulators vs relief valves, and common applications.

Resources_Video_Webinar_CreepDroopLockup (1)

Creep, Droop, Lockup, and Seat Load Drop

Excerpt of "Theory and Operation of Pressure Reducing Regulators", a webinar led by Eric Kayla.


Managing Supply Pressure Effect (SPE)

Excerpt of "The Theory and Operation of Pressure Reducing Regulators", a webinar led by Eric Kayla.


What Is Supply Pressure Effect

What Supply Pressure Effect is and how to manage a Swagelok regulator's SPE (Part 1 of 2).


Pre-Engineered Subsystems

Replay this technical briefing on the role of standardized subsystems in process analyzer systems.


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