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Hose Advisory & Optimization

Extending hose life and improving hose performance. Reducing maintenance, repairs, and replacement.
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Reducing Costly Hose Repairs

Swagelok Hose Advisors are trained to identify ways to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance. We go beyond surface examinations to discover the underlying cause of failures or issues like kinking, selection, compatibility, length, and connections.

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Benefits of having Swagelok Northern California provide hose evaluation and advisory services include:

Longer hose life

Save money through proper hose selection and installation. An optimally routed hose and end connection combination will have a longer life.
Longer hose life

Lower maintenance costs

Prevent costs associated with replacing the same problem hoses, scrambling to deal with unplanned downtime, and replacing wasted product.
Lower maintenance costs

Improved productivity

With less time sunk in troubleshooting, team members can focus on activities related to your core mission, like optimizing processes and output.
Improved productivity

Progress toward safety goals

Keep your plant and processes safe, predictable and dependable. With leak-tight products and best practices, you reduce the risk of injuries and damage.
Progress toward safety goals

More accurate forecasts

Get a preventative maintenance schedule tailored to your facility. You'll know when systems will need attention and exactly what steps are necessary.
More accurate forecasts

Actionable report

After our thorough survey, you receive detailed findings, prioritized improvement recommendations, and a hose register update or database.
Actionable report

Swagelok recommendations help customers prioritize

We thoroughly inspect, then report in detail exactly how to make hoses perform better and last longer, so you get the best return. You get expert visual inspection followed by a detailed report with recommendations and replacement options. We deliver a preventative maintenance schedule and documented hose inspection steps for your specific facility. And we provide a hose register update (or new database) with our survey findings, in the format that works for you. Scroll down for a video where Nick Iverson, Ashwin Baliga, and other Swagelok engineers discuss Hose Advisory services.

Detailed reporting and recommendations

A typical Swagelok report may run several dozen pages. It is designed as a detailed road map to increased reliability, decreased energy consumption, and reduced emissions due to component failures, installation errors, and incorrect product selection.

We offer local, accessible hose experts

We don't just hand off a report and wish you luck. Our Technical Support Team can provide expert hose selection and end connection selection support, as well as advice during installation and commissioning. We also offer best practices information regarding hose selection, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. And if an urgent issue ever arises, you can reach us 24x7 at 510-933-6200.

Hose fabrication and more

Our local team can build hose for you. We can combine any of 22 types of hose/flexible tubing with any of 89 end connections, in almost any length, in small or large quantities. Every hose is built and tested here in Fremont by Swagelok-certified technicians. (Clean room assembly and  custom kitting are also available.)


Browse videos related to Swagelok evaluations and hose advisory services:

What to expect

Often things progress as follows:

1. Consulting

Starting with a meeting or phone conversation, we gather information to understand the problem or goal. We want to learn about our customer's application, operations, and current challenge. Then we recommend next steps and provide a quote, if applicable.

2. Inspection

Swagelok hose advisors walk the floor of your facilities to inspect hoses in operation. They note hose maintenance cycles, hose life, installation procedures, frequency and cost of replacements, and other issues. 

3. Analysis

Working with data and observations made onsite, we quantify each issue's impact on your operation. Advice reflects a range of considerations, such as issue location, severity, estimated cost; and effect on safety, emissions, system reliability/production capacity, and product quality.

4. Delivery

We deliver and discuss recommendations. Reports summarize what was evaluated and our top recommendations then show detail on each issue in an appendix. Customers have as much as time as they need to discuss the findings with our field engineer(s).

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