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Swagelok measurement

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Reduce out-of-spec processes with measurement devices for industrial, ultrahigh-purity, and sanitary applications

View photos and info below on this page. Fill the form to get details.Swagelok offers easy-to-operate and easy-to-read gauges, transducers, sensors, and flowmeters that provide accurate readings on demand. Our pressure ranges, dial sizes, connections, mountings, and options to support a range of customer requirements.

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Pro tip: Need an assembly incorporating flowmeters, pressure gauges, or other measurement devices? Let us build it for you. Swagelok assemblies are backed by the same industry-leading warranty as individual Swagelok components.

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Flow Sensors, Vertical (FV4 Series)

Monitor changes in gas system flow with Swagelok’s FV4 Series Flow Sensors. Snap-action float mechanism delivers positive actuation for accurate sensing. All-welded construction ensures fluid containment. For details, fill the form.

Pressure Gauges

Swagelok gauges provide accurate pressure measurement for industrial, ultrahigh-purity, and sanitary applications. Offered in a wide range of pressure ranges, dial sizes, connections, mountings, and options. For details, fill the form.

Pressure Transducers

Swagelok pressure transducers provide accurate electronic pressure monitoring for industrial applications. Offered in a wide range of pressure ranges, process connections, electrical connectors, and output signals to support a wide range of customer requirements. For details, fill the form.


Acrylic, glass, polycarbonate, and safety-glass lenses to meet application requirements. All-welded 304 stainless steel construction standard; 316 stainless steel process connection and stem available. Hermetically sealed cases, in accordance with ASME B40.200 to prevent fogging and moisture damage to internal components. 50 % over- and under-range protection against damage to internal components up to 500°F (260°C). Silicone-free gel inserts dampen vibration effects. Anti-parallax dial for easy reading. External adjustment for field calibration. For details, fill the form.


Recommended to protect Swagelok dampened-movement bimetal thermometers from damage that could result from contact with pressurized, corrosive, flowing, viscous, or abrasive process fluids. Thermowells also enable removal of thermometers for replacement or service without affecting the process or system. For details, fill the form.

Variable Area Flowmeters

Swagelok variable area flowmeters measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float. The float is pushed up by increasing fluid flow and pulled down by gravity as fluid flow decreases. Simple installation; easy to read. No wearing parts. For details, fill the form.


Swagelok Sampling System Training

Plants have fewer and fewer individuals on hand with expertise in sampling systems. Industry expert Tony Waters discusses Swagelok training in process analyzer sampling systems.


Bring Intelligence to Your Sampling System

Swagelok offers an intrinsically-safe solution that allows remote collection and delivery of sampling system data to a centralized location.


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