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Reduce errors, lower operating costs, and improve efficiency. Earn Swagelok Certificates of Completion.
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Every individual and operation can improve, and the right training can quickly pay for itself. Choose from options listed below, or design a custom training program for your team. Scroll down this page to learn about the Swagelok Training Advantage. To reach us by phone, please call 510-933-6200.

The Swagelok Training Advantage

Subject Matter Experts

Our trainers have field experience and earn certification by completing hundreds of training hours with internationally renowned experts and passing dozens of exams.

Global Network

Our local trainers are part of a global network of Swagelok-certified trainers. They collaborate to develop new courses, refine course content, gather real world examples, and more.

Broad Capabilities

Our local team includes engineers, tech support gurus, assembly technicians, procurement experts, and more. We strive to integrate all our capabilities to deliver total solutions to you.

Training-related videos

Even the most reliable products can lead to fluid system problems if installed improperly. Learn how Swagelok training can provide critical skills and cost savings.

Iffy Skills → More Errors

Many technicians do routine tasks by feel. Connections done that way usually aren't quite right. They may leak sooner, impacting safety, quality, and emissions. Training can lower risk and operating costs right away and over time.

Train to ensure safe, reliable systems

We can enhance seasoned employees' skills and bring newer employees up to speed faster. Choose from options shown on this page or create a custom program to cover small bore tubing systems, regulators, or other fluid system topics. Hold just one event... hold a series of related events... or hold semi-annual trainings. Location is flexible too.

Seminars developed by a trusted brand

A trusted brand stands behind each Swagelok instructor and training event. Swagelok is a $2.4B company founded in 1947. Our quality management systems, values-driven people, and high quality products combine to help ensure consistency and value.

No-risk next step

Thousands of companies have benefited from Swagelok training. Having a conversation with our team about your options creates no obligation or costs. To reach us by phone, please call 510-933-6200.

“I was so pleased when Swagelok hosted our machine guys down in the factory for the training on welding. And our guys, they’re pretty good welders. And they thought, 'Ah, I’ve got a week holiday down here. We’re going to go down and learn a little bit about the instrument like how to turn it on. But we’re good welders. We’ve got this nailed.' They never worked so hard in a training course in their lives, is the report I got."
Ian D. Clark, PhD
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Ottawa

About Swagelok Northern California

Since 1963, Swagelok Northern California has provided thousands of manufacturers, processors, suppliers, and innovators with Swagelok fluid system products and expertise. Over 100 engineers, technicians, trainers, and other professionals make up our local team. With that expertise and $25M worth of Swagelok products in our three local warehouses, we are ready to help you run safe, cost-effective operations. 

About Swagelok Company

Established in 1947, Swagelok Company is a global company headquartered in Solon, Ohio. It has 20 manufacturing facilities, 6 global technical centers, and a network of 225 sales and service centers in 70 countries employing thousands of associates.

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