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Since the 1960s, Swagelok® has been a leader in component innovation and manufacturing excellence for the semiconductor industry. Swagelok Northern California, situated in Silicon Valley, provides the products and services semi manufacturing pros need to lead engineering innovations.

Swagelok success stories

When Cambridge NanoTech Inc. first started manufacturing atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems in 2003, the company was experiencing downtime due to underperforming valves. To extend the life of Cambridge NanoTech’s ALD gas delivery assemblies, the company tried the Swagelok ALD valve—with great success.

When Energy Conversion Devices, manufacturer of UNI-SOLAR® flexible solar modules, needed to expand to meet increased demand for its product, the company require more of Swagelok than just components. Attention to detail in building complete assemblies made a difference in delivery of the UNI-SOLAR product. Fill the form to receive these success stories.

Award winning components

Swagelok innovations continue to advance the semiconductor industry. They include ALD diaphragm valves tested to 100 million cycles, DE series springless diaphragm valves, DRP series fluoropolymer valves, benchmark-setting Swagelok® VCR® and Micro-Fit® fittings, photovoltaic components cleaned and packaged for PV processing, and more.

Gases and Instrumentation Magazine awarded Swagelok the Golden Gas for its Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Diaphragm valve. Their praise:

"The pneumatically actuated ALD series valve has a cycle actuation time of less than 5 milliseconds and a cycle life of greater than 25 million cycles. Employs a flow setting feature that ensures valve-to-valve flow (CV) variability of +/- 3 percent. Exceeds SEMI standards for UHP cleanliness and seal integrity. Available options include a high-temperature model, electronic sensor option, and others."

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Award winning service

Swagelok received the Lam Research's Supplier Excellence Award. Lam rewards outstanding performance, commitment, and collaboration.   

Comprehensive training & education programs

We help customers improve safety, increase productivity, and keep abreast of the latest fluid system technologies with our comprehensive customer training and education programs. We offer:

  • Swagelok® Tube Fitting Safety Seminar
  • VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fitting Installation
  • Tube Bending Training
  • Introduction to Gas System Components
  • Valve Selection Training
  • Valve Installation and Maintenance
  • Other training through Swagelok University

Leak-tight solutions for photovoltaic (PV)

With a global push for renewable energy sources, photovoltaic (PV) technologies are growing at a rapid rate. Swagelok supports the industry in its pursuit of grid parity with fluid system products and services designed for the supply side. From springless diaphragm valves to bellows valves, and check valves to tube fittings, Swagelok provides leak-tight solutions for this growing industry.

Swagelok has also introduced the Swagelok Specification SC-06:

  • The first PV-specific guideline for stainless steel components
  • Provides fluid system components with a purity level that meets - but does not unduly exceed - your process requirements
  • Helps reduce the cost of producing solar cells
  • Now available for a wide variety of Swagelok products

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Application support from industry veterans

Swagelok Northern California can help you select appropriate products for semiconductor manufacturing, detailed technical information and CAD models, welding assistance, engineered custom parts for new processes, and more. We offer:

Assemblies & subassemblies for speed & savings

Our team of certified assembly technicians can build assemblies or subassemblies using Swagelok components, as well as other system components, to meet your design specifications.

  • customsolutions3d-400x336All assemblies by Swagelok certified installers
  • Assembly backed by the Swagelok limited lifetime warranty
  • Technical support and industry knowledge assures smallest footprint
  • Only the highest quality components
  • 2D and 3D CAD capabilities
  • Pressure or leak testing before delivery

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swagelok distributorSince 1947, Swagelok Company has designed, developed, and manufactured high-quality, general purpose and specialty fluid system products. Today Swagelok is a $2 billion company with approximately 5,400 associates, 20 manufacturing facilities, 6 global technical centers, and a network of 225 sales and service centers in 70 countries employing about 3,600 sales and service associates. Swagelok Northern California is the sales and service center serving 58 counties of northern California and northwestern Nevada.

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