Supporting Semiconductor Manufacturing Innovation

From source to exhaust, Swagelok services and components are used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. Learn more and get in touch.


Specialized services and products for semi customers

Swagelok has advanced semi innovation with ALD diaphragm valves tested to 100 million cycles, springless diaphragm valves, fluoropolymer valves, and more.

At the source

With Swagelok, gain greater thermal control, prevent contamination, and promote safe containment.

In the gas box

With Swagelok, shorten purge times, lengthen service life, and switch chemical delivery with optimal control.

At the point of use

With Swagelok, achieve precision high temperature chemical delivery, greater dosing accuracy, and cleanliness.

At exhaust

With Swagelok, purge excess chemistries, maintain optimum pressure, and command efficiency in the final stage of the process.

Customer case studies

Thermocouple assembly for semi chemical manufacturer

Learn about our collaboration with a chemical and specialty component manufacturer in the semiconductor industry.

Cambridge NanoTech's ALD gas delivery assemblies

When Cambridge NanoTech Inc. first started manufacturing atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems in 2003, the company was experiencing downtime due to underperforming valves. To extend the life of Cambridge NanoTech’s ALD gas delivery assemblies, the company tried the Swagelok ALD valve—with great success.

Panel Assemblies and Product Selection in Semiconductor Research and Development

The Research and Development Department of a major semiconductor manufacturer was thriving, but they ran into a tricky deadline with the creation of a panel assembly for an expansion project. If they couldn’t find a solution in time to meet the deadline, the department’s expansion would be halted. Learn about the collaboration.

Assemblies for speed & savings

Our team of certified assembly technicians can build assemblies or subassemblies using Swagelok components, as well as other system components, to meet your design specifications.

Award winning innovation

Gases and Instrumentation Magazine awarded Swagelok the Golden Gas for its Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Diaphragm valve. Their praise:

"The pneumatically actuated ALD series valve has a cycle actuation time of less than 5 milliseconds and a cycle life of greater than 25 million cycles. Employs a flow setting feature that ensures valve-to-valve flow (CV) variability of +/- 3 percent. Exceeds SEMI standards for UHP cleanliness and seal integrity. Available options include a high-temperature model, electronic sensor option, and others."

Award winning service

Swagelok received the Lam Research's Supplier Excellence Award. Lam rewards outstanding performance, commitment, and collaboration.   

Comprehensive training program

  • Swagelok Tube Fitting Safety Seminar
  • VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fitting Installation
  • Tube Bending Training
  • Introduction to Gas System Components
  • Valve Selection Training
  • Valve Installation and Maintenance

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