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    Choosing Swagelok® Valves: 3 Essential Resources

    When selecting a valve for an instrumentation system, your choices may seem overwhelming. Get a guide, bulletin, and worksheet designed to help you choose the right valve for each job.

    There are ball valves, diaphragm and bellows valves, as well as check valves, excess flow valves, fine metering, gate, multi-port, needle, plug, relief, rising plug, and safety valves. Each comes in many sizes, configurations, materials of construction, and actuation modes. 

    • Matching Valve Type to Function: A Tutorial in Valve Selection (4 page PDF) by Mike Adkins, covers on-off valves, directional flow valves, flow-control valves, overpressure protection valves, excess flow valves, and a selection guideline summary.
    • Valve Sizing Technical Bulletin (11 page PDF) issued by Swagelok shows how flow can be estimated well enough to select a valve size—easily, and without complicated calculations. It includes principles of flow calculations, basic formulas, effects of specific gravity and temperature, six simple graphs for estimating the flow of water or air through valves and other components, and examples of how to use valves.
    • Valve Selection Worksheet (2 page PDF) covers valve function, system conditions, flow, and many other factors such as actuation method, lock-out / tag-out, position indicator, materials of construction, and more.

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    Download: Valve Selection & Sizing REsources

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