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10 Best Practices for Steam System Design

Following some simple guidelines and proven field techniques can help you avoid common problems associated with designing an industrial steam system. The first step is simply to make sure you have a complete understanding of all of steam system characteristics. That way you ensure you’ll be selecting the appropriate components and using them to their best advantage.

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Don't Fake It 'Til You Make It; Have Us Make It For You

Your specs and our Assembly Services team make an ideal combination

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Heavy Metals-Free Computer Memory

Breakthroughs in topological spintronics may pave the way for a heavy metals-free memory called SOT-MRAM, replacing DRAM in PCs, servers, and workstations.

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Turning Soot into Graphite

Researchers from Korea have discovered a new way to recycle the unburned carbon from the smokestacks of diesel-burning, oceangoing ships (perhaps the least green type of vessel on the planet), by turning it into graphite. The graphite can then be used in battery manufacture.

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Spray-On Antennas

Researchers have developed a 2D material, MXene (titanium carbide) that can be dissolved in water to create a “paint.” The exceptionally conductive material can then be sprayed on to flexible surfaces to transmit and direct radio waves invisibly.

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How to Isolate Industrial Fluid Systems with Block Valves

When performing industrial fluid system maintenance, safety is paramount. The pressure or flow inside a single line represents a hazard to technicians changing a gauge or measurement device. This is why risk managers emphasize the necessity of isolating any fluid system line prior to maintenance. There are two standard ways to install block valves in sequence in order to achieve safe isolation.

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We Can Help You Close the Growing Skills Gap

As baby boomers retire, they take decades of knowledge and experience

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Tailored Training Helps Swagelok Expand Operations

Swagelok is facing the skills gap head on. In an era when more Baby Boomers are retiring than students are graduating from college prepared for STEM jobs, Swagelok focuses on intensive training of new hires and continuous training of employees to make sure its workforce is agile, engaged, and ready to pivot to any change within the industry. This policy has also led to its launching a new Global Headquarters and Innovation Center at its Ohio location.

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Don’t Let Knowledge Walk Out the Door

Only 30% of manufacturing companies reuse the knowledge acquired by their long-term workers. Most fail to properly identify or capture the knowledge they worked so hard to build, so that as more and more workers with key expertise retire, they leave with undocumented knowledge in their heads—and nowhere else. Now is the time to implement some knowledge retention and reuse practices.

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Swagelok Enables STEM Project-Based Learning

Swagelok’s sponsorship of BLOODHOUND SSC—a team based in Bristol, England pursuing the world land speed record—has enhanced the STEM education program in the Hudson school district in Northeast Ohio. Our objective is to inspire the next generation to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through real-world learning on BLOODHOUND’s supersonic car project.

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