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Industrial Hose Replacement: Core Tube Material Considerations

The right industrial hose keeps your fluid systems performing safely and effectively—it is more valuable than its purchase price. Proper selection requires close attention to the variables with your application such as temperature, chemical compatibility, drainability, and pressure and flow requirements.

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G.A.S. Hits High Gear With Swagelok Assembly Services

Swagelok helped vehicle-conversion company save time and money

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How Machine Learning Could Change Science

Scientists have long been using simulation and experimentation to build predictive codes that drive scientific discovery. Machine learning and data analytics are poised to completely revolutionize scientific discovery by presenting a third way of looking at reality.

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Your Body is Your Internet -- and Now it Can't be Hacked

Devices embedded within the body such as insulin pumps and pacemakers are vulnerable to attack from hackers, which would have life-threatening implications. Although no such attacks have been recorded, scientists are working to prevent them by ensuring the communication signals that these devices emit remain within the body, rendering them (and you) unhackable.

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New Battery Breakthrough Provides More Power in Less Space

An international team has made a super-slim battery with double the life of similarly sized lithium-ion batteries currently on the market. The new battery is made of a composite of traditional lithium-storage materials (silicon, graphite and metal oxide particles) and carbon nanotubes. The new formula drastically increases the power without increasing the weight—ideal for myriad consumer and industrial applications.

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Meeting the Needs of Hydrogen Vehicles and Zero-Emissions Technology at ACT Expo

Emissions reduction and efficiency are driving forces for automotive OEMs, and new clean transportation trends and technology were on full display at this year’s Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in California. The show was sharply focused on zero- and low-emissions vehicles—technologies that many see as the future of transportation.

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It All Comes Down To Good Training From Experts

You may know that you should do something, but have you been taught how?

"Industry has relied on Swagelok for advanced solutions in fluid handling components for more than 70 years. Today, with the global presence of Swagelok, our support and training complement the premium quality of our products."

- From Swagelok Training Choices

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Ultrathin and Ultrafast: Scientists Pioneer New Technique for Two-Dimensional Material Analysis

Wondering how atoms behave at the interfaces between 2D materials? Scientists have discovered how to use X-rays to observe these ultrafast movements, which happen on timescales like trillionths of a second. The observations are increasing knowledge of these unique materials with the aim of one day using them in electronic devices that emit, use, or control light.

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'Realistic' New Model Points the Way to More Efficient and Profitable Fracking

A new computational model could boost efficiencies in natural gas production by better predicting fracture mechanics. It also accurately accounts for the known amounts of gas released during the process. According to the lead researcher, “This model could help the industry...decrease cost and become more profitable.”

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Hungary to Build $1 Billion Carbon-Neutral Town from Scratch

The Hungarian government, with the help of a local developer and a German property firm, plans to build a new town along the Danube river that aims to be 100% carbon neutral. The small community will comprise 1,000 homes. It will grow its own fruits and vegetables and raise fish in what will be the nation’s largest inland fishery.

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