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Quarterly Training

Get tube bending and tube fitting safety and installation basics in two 2-hour seminars. Join us Feb 9 2023.

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Orbital Welding

Understand Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Practice operating a Swagelok M200 Weld System. Join us Feb 20-24, 2023.

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Advanced Bending

Optimize tube installations by learning practical bending techniques. Available as a 2-day course.

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Assembly Services

Fully built, leak-tight custom solutions. Includes design, testing, documentation, and warranty. Browse 8 options.

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Customer Support

We offer skilled account managers, technical support, product selection help, rentals, and more. View 4 options.

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Onsite Services

We offer Swagelok field engineers ready to help troubleshoot and improve your fluid systems. Browse 7 options.

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Onsite Services

We can help you diagnose fluid system issues and compare your solution options. We can evaluate P&ID’s for functionality and overall cost-effectiveness, advance design work, and simplify layouts.

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Technical Support

Because of the many materials, products, and technologies available from Swagelok, it may be tough to pick exactly the right one fast. We have a team of tech support pros to help.

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Customer Support

We are happy to help with quotes, ordering, shipping, documentation, billing/payments, and more. We also welcome your feedback, suggestions, and requests for information.

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Need information, support, or a quote?

Call 510-933-6200 or message us. We try to respond fast.


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Tech Tips

Dozens of videos on assembly, installation, identification, features, tools. Browse →

Case studies

See how others use Swagelok in dozens of videos and written stories. Browse →


Hundreds of catalogs, technical articles, data sheets, brochures, guides. Browse →

Local news

Our engineers and staff are posting weekly about local issues and industries. Browse →

Design tools

Save time with free tools like CAD files, Cv calculator, and more. Plus view fluid system design tips. Browse →

Resource collections

Visit each product page for examples and get the latest literature, videos, and tips in one step. Browse →

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