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COVID-19 update

Here is what Swagelok Northern California is doing to keep our customers and our people safe while continuing to provide high quality fluid system products and services.

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Swagelok Northern California serves companies in the fields of semiconductors, alternative fuels & transportation, power, chemical & petrochemical, and other industries. With our team of 80+ certified engineers, assembly technicians, trainers, and other experts and $20M in local inventory, we can help you run safe, cost-effective operations. More →

Local services

Get the best value from Swagelok when you use both our services and products. From bending tubing and building assemblies to finding leaks and training your team, using our team provides an advantage.

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Industry advantage

There is a Swagelok Advantage for companies in chem, oil/gas, power, semi, alternative fuel, and other industries. View Swagelok products and services that can give your operation an edge.

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Free resources

Get a taste of Swagelok's approach to customer value with free calculators, how-to videos, downloadable CADs, and much more. Hundreds of items in one place, organized by topic.

Free resources
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Compressed air for divers

This inventor builds Swagelok parts, training, and assembly into his company's compressed air systems.

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Emergency shelter for miners

How Pillar partnered with Swagelok to produce extraordinary safety chambers for miners.

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Speeding up production

Imtech leverages Swagelok to simplify supply chain and shorten turnaround times.

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Leak-tight supercollider

Swagelok helps upgrade particle accelerator with 20,000 connection points.

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Solar-hydrogen house

With Swagelok design optimization and components, this house became self-sufficient.

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Thermocouple assemblies

Meeting a thermocouple design & assembly challenge.

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Process engineering

How an OEM leveraged Swagelok Northern California to end backward hose installation.

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Panels for semi firm

By tapping into our Assembly Services and big local inventory, our customer got panels just in time.

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Chiller box design

An OEM saved big by outsourcing chiller box design optimization and assembly to our team.

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Shrinking lab panels

Assembly Services team produces panels that are not only smaller but also minimize cost.

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Engineering under pressure

Researchers at a national lab tapped us to design and deliver unique gas panel assemblies within weeks.

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Battlebot engineering

Team Icewave taps Swagelok Northern California before Battlebots competition.

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Why Swagelok?

Products built right + services to maximize your return

One Swagelok

Swagelok is a $2B company with 5,400 associates, 20 manufacturing facilities, 6 global technical centers, and 225 centers in 70 countries.

Customer focus

We create value for the customer to create value for Swagelok. Every associate is encouraged to seize opportunities to delight customers.


Customers depend on the Swagelok brand to consistently provide high value and high performance in our products, processes, and services.


Our founder invented the tube fitting in 1947. Swagelok has added 6,000+ offerings since then—all by challenging conventional wisdom.


We are a values-driven company. For us, integrity means choosing to do the right thing with courage and character. No exceptions, no excuses. 


We create an environment where every person, at every level, is respected, trusted, and valued. So you get the benefit of working with enthusiastic, talented peers.


Behind every Swagelok product, assembly and solution is the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty—widely regarded as the industry's strongest.


Swagelok diverts 60% of manufacturing waste away from landfills + minimizes energy and water use. Locally we volunteer hundreds of hours each year.


Get a taste of Swagelok's approach to customer value with free calculators, downloadable CADs and sales templates, how-to videos, and much more.

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