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Associates doing custom kitting for a customer

Backup Equipment

When we service any Swagelok equipment for you, we make backup equipment available. That cuts your downtime. 


Inventory can cost 15-35% of the value of stock due to shrinkage, obsolescence, storage, and fees. Pay as you go instead.

Consolidated Shipments

Cut the number of shipments you get. Buying at website? Choose "Ship Complete" to reduce back-orders.

Custom Coding

Use the bar-coded shipping documents and bar coded labels on our packaging. It speeds receiving and boosts accuracy.

Custom Kitting

It's a hassle to cut multiple POs and receive numerous deliveries. Customized component packaging may save you time.

Emergency Service

We're here when you urgently need parts or support. Call 510.933.6200 and follow prompts for “emergency service".

Equipment Loaners

Some equipment is expensive. To thoroughly evaluate before you buy it, you can get loaner equipment from us.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools

When buying doesn't cost-justify, rent swaging tools. They help insure correct assembly of our tube fittings and hoses.

Just In Time (JIT) Delivery

Optimize inventory, scheduling, processing, receiving, and freight. JIT delivery helps you maintain steady supply.

Orbital Welding System Rental

Rent a system for welding 1/8"-4" tube OD. Available by the day, week or month. Also see our welding seminars.

Order Expediting

Sometimes you discover you need something quicker than it's scheduled to arrive. We hustle to make the need-by date.

Plastic Tube Flaring Tool Rental

Using PFA tubing systems with fine thread flare fittings? Rent the hot flaring tool for fast assembly and the best performance.

Shipment Tracking

We link your PO to the carrier so you can track shipments. You can also get a monthly report on purchases and deliveries.

Sourcing Service

Get extra parts faster. Centralize sourcing. Find Swagelok products that complement what you already have on site.

Tube Bender Rental

Fabricating? Rent our hand benders and/or benchtop production benders. Also see our tube bending seminars.

Tube Coning Tool Rental

Rent tube coning tools to prep the end of heavy wall stainless steel tubing. Rent by the day, week or month.

Tube Fitter's Tool Box

If you use tubing in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch OD, a Tube Fitter’s Tool Box saves time. It has all the hand tools for fabricating.

Summary Billing

We can combine your invoices. This simple step can streamline order processing and bill paying, saving admin time.

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