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More ways to save, accelerate, and enhance safety 

Tool Rentals

There's no substitute for having the right tools, but some of those tools can be expensive if you need them only occasionally. No problem. Swagelok Northern California can rent you tube benders, orbital welders, hydraulic swaging units and more. Use loaners to try equipment before you buy.


Inventory can cost 15 percent to 35 percent of the average annual value of items in stock. That's a lot to pay up front. These costs include shrinkage, obsolescence, storage and the cost of money. With consignment inventory, you pay as you go.

Delivery Solutions

The best parts are only the best parts if you have them when you need them. Swagelok Northern California makes sure you get them on time.

Energy Management

Leaks cost money and increase risk. Our field engineers are experts in the configuration and operations of sampling systems.

Online Ordering

When you know what you want and you want to order quickly, it's hard to beat our eBusiness tools.

Product Selection

We offer over 1 million CAD templates and sales drawings. We are also glad to help you choose the right items.


Parts perform best when they are properly installed and maintained. We offer several training options.

Emergency Services

Our team of knowledgeable professionals is on-call to help you safely address fluid system issues.

Tailored Delivery

We offer consolidated shipments, just-in-time delivery, shipment tracking, and more.

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