Build It For Me

Swagelok Assembly Services enable you to simplify, speed up, and save.

Built-to-order, made-to-order, and engineered-to-order options

View PDFWith 70+ local associates and a dedicated Assembly Services Team at our Fremont office, Swagelok Northern California can help you achieve your goals. Whether putting an adapter on a valve or configuring a complete panel or sampling system, our team can design it, build it, and warranty it.

Talk with our Assembly Services Team. Fill the form to let us know you're interested in this service. There is no cost or obligation created by responding here.

Things to know about Assembly Services

Assembly Services customers receive:

  • As much time as you need to discuss the solution
  • CAD drawing with piping and instrumentation diagram
  • Component selection and Bill of Materials
  • Bending, welding, and assembly by certified technicians
  • Testing and warranty of the assembly
  • Professional packaging and delivery

Facing a tight deadline?

We can help. Our engineers can help you innovate and our procurement experts can accelerate production. In one case, our engineering team turned a semi client's pencil sketch into four thermocouple assemblies in two weeks! In another case, researchers at a national lab tapped us to design and deliver unique gas panel assemblies within weeks. We provided everything they needed—before their beam time at a top laser lab.

Need to shrink an assembly's size?

Innovating is one of our core values, and we’re proud to provide solutions that help push boundaries. From sourcing ideal parts to drafting CAD to developing brand new systems, we offer solutions for any project. With Swagelok's assistance, for example, a utility company shrank key assemblies so they fit into its mobile lab vans.

Taking every precaution against leaks?

Our Swagelok-Certified Technicians leak-test every assembly to meet the highest quality standards. Every assembly is backed by the same Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty that you receive with our individual parts. To produce the safest, most dependable safety chambers for miners, for example, Pillar partnered with Swagelok. The same goes for Third Lung inventor Robert Carmichael, who builds Swagelok components, training, and assembly into his company's compressed air systems for divers.

Looking to simplify logistics?

One way we do that is by offering one part number for an assembly. Doing so reduces purchase orders and your time investment. Another way we do it is by optimizing each assembly's design. For example, Swagelok’s kitting and assembly trimmed Imtech's supply chain logistics and production time. In another case, a semi OEM saved overall by outsourcing its chiller box design and assembly.

Need to end installation errors?

Swagelok combines nearly 70 years of manufacturing excellence with the experience to put it all together. For one semi customer, for example, Swagelok Northern California helped the OEM engineer an end to backward hose installation by the OEM's technicians.

Talk with an engineer

If you can think it, our Assembly Services Team can design it, draw it, build it, test it, and warranty it. Talk over your project with an engineer to learn how you may be able to simplify, speed up, and save. Fill the form to get in touch!