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Enhance safety and save by outsourcing assembly

Outsourcing assembly to Swagelok Northern California enhances safety, often lowers total cost, simplifies logistics, and shortens turn times. And, learning about your best options costs nothing.

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Stop taking unnecessary risks

 In basic tube fitting installation seminars conducted by Swagelok, trainees assemble a piece of tubing and a standard fitting. On average, more than half of trainees install the fitting improperly. These aren't noobs... most have been in the field for years.

Recognizing risk

If some fitting installations are iffy, building whole assemblies in-house is more iffy. Safety is on the line—as well as time, money, and reputation. Without strict quality control, results will vary. There are no guarantees.

How it Works (2 min)

Taking control

Here, nothing is iffy. First you'll consult with Swagelok-Certified Engineers; then get fabrication, bending, welding, and assembly by Swagelok-Certified Assembly Technicians. And assemblies carry Swagelok's warranty.

Why outsource assembly?


Gas leaks or liquid leaks can have grave consequences. Avoiding them gets a little more challenging each time an experienced senior-level team member retires. Outsourcing assembly reduces risk.


Our Swagelok-Certified Engineers create or check your assembly design. Often they see ways to simplify. That can mean you need fewer parts, have fewer connection points, and can get the finished assembly faster.


We can often help customers accelerate production and make tight deadlines. Keys include streamlined assembly designs, precise and efficient technicians, and having $20M worth of parts in our local warehouse.


We can assign one part number for an entire assembly. Doing so reduces purchase orders and your time investment. And as your design is repeated, costs are minimized because it has been vetted by Swagelok engineers.


We can often shrink an assembly's size. From sourcing parts to CAD drawings to all-new systems, we offer solutions for any project. In the case of one utility company, Swagelok shrank panels to fit into new lab vans.


Are there requirements that apply to this project, like state or local safety codes? Our Assembly Services Team can help verify. Each assembly we build comes with rich documentation, organized for easy reference.


You receive CAD drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams, Bill of Materials, and warranty information. Our Product Test Reports provide exhaustive performance data, third party certifications, and approvals.


Do you have all the equipment for each step—like cutting, welding, and bending? If not, will you buy the tools? Who is skilled with the tools? How will testing be done? Using our Assembly Services eliminates these issues. 


Here in Fremont we can assemble in a certified clean room. We can also deliver assemblies double-bagged so you can discard a layer. If you assemble in-house, what space will be dedicated? Is it clean? 

Get information on your best options

Click 'Start' and fill a form to get the ball rolling. A senior member of our team will follow up. Discussing your needs with us creates no costs and no obligation.

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