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Technical Briefing: Back-Pressure Regulators Made Simple

Swagelok Field Engineer Eric Kayla led a live 25 minute technical briefing on back pressure regulators. Please fill the form to access the replay and his presentation slide deck.

  • Back pressure regulator theory of operation - a balance of forces
  • Sensing elements, loading mechanisms, seats, poppets, and more
  • Back pressure regulators vs relief valves
  • Common back pressure regulator applications
  • Role of flow curves in proper selection

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Back-Pressure Regulators Made Simple: Download Slide Deck & View the Replay

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swagelok regulatorsAbout the presenter

Eric Kayla joined Swagelok 18 years ago. He started at the Solon, Ohio, headquarters as a laboratory engineer, working on high-purity fittings and pipe fittings. Then he switched over to new-product development. Eventually, he also put in some time in assembly engineering and assembly supervising. In 2005, after earning a master's degree in engineering at University of Akron, he moved to San Diego and became a field engineer. 

Today Eric travels the West in three countries. In the United States, his territory includes everything from the Pacific Coast inland to New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. He handles Alaska and Hawaii too. In Canada, his territory is Manitoba and west. And to the south, he handles Mexico's Baja Peninsula. 

Eric spends at least half his time on the road, meeting customers and discussing their needs. While he is well versed on the entire Swagelok product line, Eric has a particular interest in regulators.

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