Tube bending services

Let our Bay Area pros handle bending ¼" to 2" Swagelok stainless steel tubing. With our team of certified pros and a variety of tools to choose from, we are ready to fit your price and lead time.

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Working to be your tube bending cell

In a perfect world, you'd have your own tube bending cell...right? It would have all the tools, all the latest technology, miles of Swagelok stainless steel tubing on hand, and be staffed with the best pros.

Well, we are your next best thing.

Do-it-yourself tube bending can be costly

Putting even one bend in small-diameter tubing takes skill. Anything more, and DIY bending can be costly. There's waste/scrap... risk of creating defects in the tubing... risk of slowing down production... and risk of cost surprises if you need tools or have to redo the work.

Tube Bending Service Overview
Tube Bending Cell
at Swagelok Northern California

Using our tube bending service is smart

Avoid scrap, slow downs, and surprises. Here certified professionals use advanced tools to deliver precise, repeatable results. Our process involves documented quality control, and all work is backed by the industry-leading Swagelok warranty.

Inside our Fremont tube bending operation

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Certified professionals

  • Dedicated Assembly Services team with 50,000 bends under our belt
  • Engineers fluent in Boiler & Process Piping Codes B31.1, B31.3
  • Full-time technicians certified in fabrication and assembly

Our Tube Bending Cell is part of a 70+ local team reachable 24x7. Our work is backed by the strong Swagelok warranty.


CNC Tube Bending Machine

  • Star Evo 450 CN9
  • 1 to 180° bending range
  • ¼ to 1 ½ inch outside diameter (0.028 to 0.134 inch wall thickness)

Our CNC tube bender was built to handle material up to 60mm in diameter, and handle 20’ long sticks. Yet our behemoth StarBend Evo 450 can delicately handle tubing down to ¼” tube outer diameter.


ROMER Absolute Arm

  • ROMER Absolute Arm with V*Tubes Inspection Software

Whether it’s in-process or final quality control, we use top of the line hardware and software to analyze parts in 3D. For example, we use a Hexagon ROMER Absolute Arm with integral laser scanner with Advanced Tubular Technologies VTube-Laser software.


Electric Tube Bender

  • Electronic control for automated bending
  • 1 to 110° bending range
  • 1 to 2 inch outside diameter (0.049 to 0.220 in wall thickness)

Bench Top Tube Bender

  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum construction
  • 1 to 180° bending range
  • ¼ to 1 ¼ inch outside diameter (0.028 to 0.120 in wall thickness)

Hand Tube Bender

  • Provide consistent, high-quality bends
  • 1 to 180° bending range
  • ⅛ to ½ inch outside diameter (0.028 to 0,083 in wall thickness)

A process for getting it right every time

1. Design analysis

Starting with a drawing, CAD model, or even a part, we analyze the design. We factor in capabilities, expected results... even details like springback (typically 4.25%). If we notice any issues, we reach out to you with options.

2. Tube bending

If the job requires CNC processing, we change tooling on the machine, input the part, and bend a sample to verify. If manual bending is better, we calculate bend offsets and mark start and finish points. We scale to your needs.

3. Final QC & delivery

All parts are quality controlled by our ROMER arm with V*Tubes software. Small batches are 100% quality controlled. Large batches follow AQL Sampling rules. Orders are shipped daily or picked up in Concord, Sunnyvale, or Fremont.

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