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Swagelok Northern California Resource Collections 440x340 Swagelok Assembly Services Case Studies (1)Ten stories about customers using Assembly Services

Hundreds of companies have used  Swagelok Assembly Services. This ebook talks about 10 of them.

One semi company tapped us to turn their pencil sketch into four thermocouple assemblies... in two weeks. At a renowned lab, researchers under extreme time pressure used us to design and build unique gas panel assemblies. A utility company had us make compact lab panels to fit their  fleet of vans. Mining industry engineers partnered with Swagelok to produce best-in-class emergency shelters. Another company builds our subassemblies into its compressed air systems for divers. A semi OEM saved a bundle by outsourcing chiller box design and assembly to our team. And another firm had us engineer an end to common installation errors by their technicians.

Whether putting an adapter on a valve or configuring a complete panel or sampling system, our team can design it, draw it, build it, test it, and warranty it. Download these case studies today, and give us a call at 510-933-6200.

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