Swagelok for Everything

Swagelok products are used in applications ranging from making potato chips to microchips.

Whatever the Application, Swagelok Products Quietly Do Their Job

While alot of familiar items are researched, manufactured or tested with machines, in facilities and/or through fluid systems plumb full of Swagelok products, most folks never know it. Swagelok components are usually just quietly doing their job... behind the scenes.

With this in mind, several years ago Swagelok ran an ad campaign with the tagline, "If only you could use Swagelok for everything!" Check out some of the ads below, and share with us how you use Swagelok! For real-world applications, visit our case studies page.

Fill the form on the right and let us know how you use Swagelok, and we will send you some Swagelok swag. 

  • Swagelok Scuba
  • Swagelok Aquarium
  • Swagelok Baby Bottle
  • Swagelok Lemonade Stand
  • Swagelok Squirt Gun