Swagelok Fittings for Vacuum Service

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Swagelok offers several series of fittings rated for vacuum service and used in vacuum systems. This collection makes all the latest literature for them accessible in one step. It covers Swagelok Vacuum Adapter Fittings, Ultra-Torr Vacuum Fittings, VCO O-Ring Face Seal Fittings, and VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings.

  • Vacuum adapter fittings are generally used on vacuum chamber ports to connect vacuum flanges to various fittings.
  • Ultra-Torr vacuum Fittings are stainless steel construction, fluorocarbon FKM O-ring seals to glass, metal, or plastic tubing.
  • VCO O-ring face seal fittings are designed for rapid assembly in pipe, tube, and welded systems. Unique design allows easy installation where space is limited. No axial clearance is required.
  • VCR metal gasket face seal fittings offer the high purity of a metal- to-metal seal, providing leak-tight service from vacuum to positive pressure.

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