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Can your design or plan be tweaked to shrink costs, time, size, or risk? We'll let you know.

Streamline Your Assemblies

For years, "in the know" Swagelok customers sought design advice from our fluid system engineers. We could almost always make their assembly:

  • Simpler
  • Take up less space, and
  • Cost less to build

Now we've branded this service "Design Optimization".

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Customer examples

Chiller Box Design Optimization

An OEM saved big by outsourcing chiller box design engineering and assembly to our team.

100% Solar-Hydrogen Residence

With Swagelok design optimization and components, Mike Strizki's house became 100% energy self-sufficient.

Thermocouple Assembly Challenge

Our engineering team turned a semi client's pencil sketch into four thermocouple assemblies in two weeks.

See below for more on these customer examples.

Assembly design determines near term and long term risk and costs

Cheap components may lower your purchase price but often at the cost of safety, reliability, and total cost of ownership. You can lower your total overall cost without sacrificing quality with a more efficient design from Swagelok.

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Ways to learn more

Not sure whether this service is for you?

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