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Swagelok Sanitary Pressure Regulators

The Swagelok sanitary pressure regulators include the PRS series, a pressure-reducing regulator, and the TBRS series, a tank blanketing regulator. Both series are compliant with FDA/USP Class VI and feature 316L stainless steel metal components and EPDM seals. These sanitary regulators are designed for pressures up to 232 psig (16.0 bar) and are available with sanitary clamp end connections. The PRS series pressure regulator features a handle knob for pressure adjustment; the TBRS series tank blanketing regulator has an adjusting screw for pressure adjustment. Fill the form for a copy of Swagelok's sanitary pressure regulators catalog.

Swagelok Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulators

Tank blanketing, also known as padding, is the introduction of an inert gas into the vapor space of a storage tank. The pressure of the blanketing gas, usually nitrogen, is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. The pressure requirement is low because higher pressures do not significantly improve results and waste expensive blanketing gas. Also storage tanks have thin walls which are not designed for highpressure-containment applications. Tank blanketing is required in many industries where pressure-tight tanks are used for storage including the pharmaceutical, biochemical, electronics, sanitary, and waste water treatment industries. Fill the form for a copy of Swagelok's tank blanketing pressure regulators catalog.

Swagelok Northern California Compressed Gas Leak Detection

We offer comprehensive energy management services, including identification of leaks and other energy wasting problems in your facility, recommendations on cost-effective corrective actions, and more. 

Swagelok Steam System Training Courses

Learn to properly operate, design, and maintain a steam system for improved energy efficiency, productivity and safety, as well as reduced emissions.

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