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Swagelok makes 10,500+ standard parts. Get a hand choosing the right ones. Use this page to get started.

Which Swagelok component is right for your application?

Because of the many materials, products, and technologies available from Swagelok, it may be a challenge to identify the one that is best for your need. Swagelok Northern California professionals are ready to help.

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Looking for a replacement?

We can take some of the sting out of replacement component searches by identifying product alternatives and highlighting any savings such reduced purchase cost, maintenance, and downtime.

Need technical support?

Tap into our technical service engineers for important insights. Our experts can provide assistance on every aspect of our product line, no matter how technical.

Need another pair of eyes?

Product evaluations can help you identify opportunities to lower your operational costs by reducing downtime, inventory, and rework. Swagelok’s extensive laboratories and test facilities have helped customers identify the cause of premature component wear, determine if a specific tubing material is suitable for use, identify sources of contamination, and develop cycle life data to help determine component life expectancy.

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