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The right hose with the right end connections.

Get hose and flexible tubing in precise lengths, with end connections attached, delivered fast. Every single hose is pressure-tested, tagged, and bagged exactly the way you want. And getting started is easy:

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All local. All warrantied.

Combine any of 22 types of hose/flexible tubing with any of 89 end connections... at any length... in small or large quantities. Every hose assembly is built and tested onsite, warrantied, and delivered fast.

Who and how matter.

There are other hose shops, but quality varies. The work might be done out of state or overseas, by people with varying skill. Assemblies might not be tested, and the warranty may not be worth much.

The Right Hose with the Right End Connections
The Right Hose with the Right End Connections (4 min)

Hose built right. Right here.

Here in Fremont, 12 full-time Certified Hose Technicians build thousands of hoses per year. All assemblies are tested, all documented, all backed by Swagelok's industry-leading warranty.

Benefits of using the hose assembly service


Choose from ultra-flexible, smooth- bore, chemically compatible PFA hose to electrically conductive nylon hose for CNG. We build hose to handle from -325°F up to 1000°F; and for working pressures to 5,000 psi.


Swagelok assembly certification involves producing dozens of samples of hose, each of which is inspected by Swagelok manufacturing engineers and put through destructive testing. Passing requires a 100% score.


Our CNC machine cuts hose faster and with four times better accuracy than cutting hose by hand. When you need copies of the same hose, you can be sure that each one will be the same length. With nearly 0% scrap. 


We've adopted a manufacturing process organized around a one-piece flow system. Instead of performing each step in batches, we now use an assembly-line system that increases efficiency while maintaining quality. 


If you need 50 identical hoses, we make the first one individually and check it to make sure everything is right, before building hoses 2-50. This insures that each hose is built to your exact specifications.


With our huge warehouse onsite, there's rarely any waiting for components to arrive. It's easy to assemble as many hoses as you need, with exactly the right length, the right end connections and the right style of labeling.


We can add insulation to third-party hose if needed. That might include specialty hose where the tube wall is thicker on one side; or vacuum-jacketed hose. We also fabricate solutions.


In addition to standard testing, we can do helium leak testing, hydrostatic testing, nitrogen pressure testing, and pressure decay testing. Pressure test certificate comes with each hose.


We stand behind every hose. Every Swagelok product, assembly, and solution comes with Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty—widely regarded as the industry's strongest. 

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