Hose, My Way

Here at our Fremont, CA facility, 12 full-time certified hose technicians build thousands of Swagelok hoses per year. Use this page to get started with this service today.

Get the right hose with the right end connections, fast

Get hose built your way from Swagelok Northern California. Our certified hose technicians use specialized tools to cut hose and flexible tubing to precise lengths then attach chosen end connections, pressure-test and document the results, and deliver. All in a 6,600 square foot section of our Fremont, California facility.

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Every hose tested before delivery

Because we do the work ourselves, we can go beyond a typical hose shop's service levels. For example, every single hose you receive from us has been tested. We can do hydrostatic, immersion, and pressure decay tests. And the documentation you receive links each hose with its local assembler.

Swagelok engineers certify every hose technician

Each assembler is certified by Swagelok manufacturing engineers. To pass their training class, they have to produce three samples of every kind of hose we build (about 40 different hoses in all). Whether it's a hand tool or complex automated equipment, our hose assemblers have to know what they are doing to get good results. That includes being able to read drawings and make accurate calculations to account for crimp collar shrinkage and other tolerances. 

Every Swagelok hose arrives in its own bag (or two!)

To make installers' jobs easier, each hose is bagged separately. We'll even double-bag the hoses so the outside bag can be discarded before your team takes hoses into a clean room.

Give it a try! Use the form on this page to request the Hose, My Way™ service or to let us know you'd like more information about it.

Additional info

Swagelok hose materials, sizes, and working pressures 

  • Core materials: PTFE, PFA, Vinyl, Nylon, Polyethylene, Rubber
  • Nominal hose sizes: 1/8 to 2 inch
  • Working pressures: up to 5000 psig (344 bar)
  • Temperature range: –65 to 450°F (–53 to 230°C)

Swagelok hose end connection options

Swagelok tube fittings, Swagelok tube adapters, tube stubs, male and female NPT, sanitary flanges, sanitary 45° and 90° elbows flanges, TS sanitary flanges, tube butt weld, SAE 37° (JIC) male and female, VCR metal gasket face seal, female VCO O-ring face seal, ISO/BSP parallel and tapered threads, male ISO/BSP parallel threads with 60° male cone, female swivel ISO/BSP parallel threads with 30° cone, female swivel ISO/BSP parallel threads with 60° cone, JIS(A)/ISO 2850-type sanitary, sanitary DIN 11864-3 Form A, sanitary I-Line female, sanitary (DIN 32676), sanitary ISO 2852 Female DIN 11851 with nut, ISO-KF vacuum flange, cam and groove, ANSI 150lb lap joint flange, JIS 10K lap joint flange, DIN PN10 Lap Joint Flange.