Manage Inventory

Have us automatically replenish your inventory, hold items for you to minimize costs, group products with one part number, and more. Use this page to get started.

Reduce carrying costs and increase working capital

Streamline inventory management with our wide range of supply chain services. We offer supply chain optimization services that can help you reduce inventory carrying costs, increase working capital, and reduce the costs associated with storage, movement, and replenishment of your fluid system components.

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Vendor-managed inventory

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs by reducing their overall stocking levels.

Often the first step is preparing part usage reports showing typical inventory requirements. Next is working together to set parameters such as agreed minimum and maximum levels for inventory. Then we steadily replenish inventory so the components are there when you need them—reducing your transaction costs and helping to keep maintenance and other activities on schedule. After this program is running, you can get reports on shipment timeliness, cost savings, and other aspects of our performance.


Swagelok Northern California can enter orders for replenishment products into your purchasing systems and/or periodically visit your facility to replenish your inventory.

Collaborative forecasting

Unite your forecasts with our fulfillment strategies to make sure you have an uninterrupted supply of Swagelok components. We analyze your historical and forecasted product usage to ensure high fill rates while avoiding carrying costs associated with overstocking.

Consignment inventory

With space at a premium and pressure to reduce carrying costs, some  Swagelok customers save by having us hold items for them ("on consignment") at our facility.

Custom kitting

We can pre-package components to your specifications. This service can help reduce packaging waste and your manpower requirement, reduce warehousing costs, and increase the efficiency of your assembly process.

Inventory management system

Swagelok Northern California's inventory management system is tailored to your exact needs. If needed, the system can include product storage and automatic replenishment.

Our product storage bins incorporate a distinctive labeling system with pictures of each part, part numbers, descriptions, bar codes, and can include your unique stocking numbers to help make it easy to find the components you need. Performance reports help document and track all the Swagelok components and quantities delivered to you each month.

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