Manage hose

Extend hose life and improve hose performance

Manage hose and flexible tubing so your team has less maintenance to do and you save money overall. It starts with talking with one of our hose advisors—which costs nothing.

Getting started is easy and involves no cost or commitment.

Proactive hose management

The more hose and flexible tubing in your system, the more crucial it is to make it perform better and last longer. Depending on your operation, a proactive approach to managing hose can cost-justify within months.

Maintenance mode

End connection damage. Excessive cover damage. Kinking damage. Hoses wearing out sooner than expected. Spikes in unplanned downtime, leading to wasted product and costly interventions. If you're seeing these kinds of issues, Swagelok's Hose Advisory Service may be right for you.

About Swagelok Advisory Services
Swagelok Evaluation & Advisory Services (5 min)

Taking control

Get expert visual inspection followed by a detailed report with recommendations and replacement options. Get a preventative maintenance schedule and documented hose inspection steps for your specific facility. Get a hose register update (or new database) with our survey findings.

Benefits of the Swagelok Hose Advisory Service

Actionable report

After our thorough visual survey, you receive detailed findings, prioritized improvement recommendations, and a hose register update or database.

Lower maintenance costs

Prevent costs associated with replacing the same problem hoses, scrambling to deal with unplanned downtime, and replacing wasted product.

Longer hose life

Save money through proper hose selection and installation. An optimally routed hose and end connection combination will have a longer life.

Accurate forecasts

Get a preventative maintenance schedule tailored to your facility. You'll know when systems will need attention and exactly what steps are necessary.

Increased productivity

With less time sunk in troubleshooting, team members can focus on activities related to your core mission, like optimizing processes and output.

Enhanced safety

Keep plant and processes safe, predictable and dependable. With leak-tight products and best practices, you reduce the risk of injuries and damage.

Start saving by managing hose

The more hose and flexible tubing in your operation, the more likely Swagelok Hose Advisory Services can quickly cost-justify. Explore your potential savings by talking with one of our Hose Advisors. Getting started costs nothing.

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