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Reduce carrying costs. Increase working capital.

Streamline inventory management with the supply chain services described below on this page. It may save alot of money, and taking the first step is free and easy:

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We have saved customers millions by introducing vendor-managed inventory, auto-replenishment, collaborative forecasting, consignment inventory, custom kitting, and automated inventory management.

Protect heavy assets

Our customers are in heavy asset industries. Assets are getting bigger and more complex. At the same time, you're dealing with increasingly complex applications: higher pressures, higher temperatures, and sometimes difficult chemistry. In addition, it is harder than ever to find the right people.

Charbonneau Industries speeds production with Swagelok® Custom Solutions   YouTube-1
Case Study: Advanced Stocking Helps Speed Production (5 min)

Evolve inventory management

Used to be that having the best quality product and being able to delivery it exactly when needed, was enough to be a market leader. Now customers expect more, and we have evolved with them. We create value for Swagelok by creating value for you; and that means streamlining when and how you get supplied.

Swagelok inventory management options

Vendor-managed inventory

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs by reducing their overall stocking levels and transaction costs. Steps include analyzing current usage and setting agreed minimum and maximum levels for inventory.


Swagelok Northern California can enter orders for replenishment products into your purchasing systems and/or periodically visit your facility to replenish your inventory. You can also get reports on performance indicators like cost savings.

Collaborative forecasting

Link your forecasts with our fulfillment to ensure you have a steady supply of Swagelok components. We analyze your historical and forecasted product usage to ensure high fill rates while avoiding carrying costs associated with overstocking.

Consignment inventory

Few regions outrank ours for competition and high prices for real estate. With space at a premium and pressure to reduce carrying costs, some Swagelok customers save by having us hold items for them ("on consignment") at our facility.

Custom kitting

We can pre-package components to your specifications. This service can help reduce packaging waste and your manpower requirement, reduce warehousing costs, and increase the efficiency of your assembly process.

Automated dispensing

Automated dispensing and replenishment can drive more savings. Get product storage bins that use distinctive labeling that helps users, tracks activity, and can include your own stocking numbers. Performance reports document results each month.

How much could you save?

We can help calculate potential savings from improved inventory management. But you need to take the first step, by filling a short form:

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