Technical Webinar: 
Steam System Reliability

Steam Systems Expert Kelly Paffel drew on 40 years' experience to deliver a 21-minute technical webinar on optimizing steam systems.

Now you can access the video replay, slides & transcript.

11 examples with photos plus a Correction Roadmap for Leakage

Learn from an industry leader how to address steam system inefficiency that contributes to:

  • Energy loss
  • Emissions increases
  • Unreliable operation
  • Production issues
  • Safety concerns

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  • Immediate access to full recording
  • Presentation deck with transcript
  • 11 examples with photos
  • Correction Roadmap for Leakage

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About Kelly Paffel

Technical Manager, Swagelok Energy

In 40 years of work in steam, compressed air systems and power operations, Kelly Paffel has conducted thousands of steam system audits; authored several technical papers on steam and compressed air system design; lectured in the United States and abroad; and earned a Steam System Level V certification in Steam Systems.

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