Talk With Swagelok Pressure Regulators Expert Jason Burns

Jason BurnsIf you have questions about pressure regulators and you meet the requirements below, talk with our technical service manager, Jason Burns.

With all the combinations of control ranges, body materials, inlet pressures, seat materials, sensing mechanisms and other factors, you can build millions of K Series valves without making two that are identical. Even our KPR Series, our general purpose regulator, could be built in 2M configurations.

Don't go it alone. Jason has been with Swagelok Northern California for over 25 years. From warehousing, customer service, inventory management, technical service, and even product training, Jason pulls from his past experiences to provide fast and accurate technical information to customer related applications.

Requirements   1) Your work involves critical fluid system components (eg engineer, maintenance) and 2) you're in our service area (view map).

What's covered in the free phone consultation?   Your current situation and questions about Swagelok pressure regulators.

Why is the consultation is free?   If you're a customer, helping you this way will strengthen our relationship. If you're not a customer, helping you this way is a chance to make a good impression. Either way, our intention is to help you gain knowledge of regulators.

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