How to Select and Size a Pressure Reducing Regulator

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The function of a pressure reducing regulator is to reduce a pressure and to keep this pressure as constant as possible while the inlet pressure and the flow may vary. In this webinar Swagelok Field Engineer Eric Kayla covers proper selection and sizing for safe, optimal pressure regulator performance. Topics include: 

  • Review Pressure Reducing Regulator Balance of Forces
  • Sensitivity and Resolution
  • Sizing a Regulator
  • Regulator selection and sizing real world example

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About Eric Kayla

Eric KaylaEric Kayla joined Swagelok 20+ years ago. He started at Swagelok Company's headquarters in Solon, Ohio. In 2005, he became a Swagelok Field Engineer based in San Diego. He holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from University of Akron.

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