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Swagelok Smart Products

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Real-time, intrinsically safe monitoring of sample handling system health, remotely or at the plant data network

Swagelok Northern California Resource Collections_SMART_440x340 (1)Smart products capture and report critical flow, temperature, and pressure of process samples destined for process analyzers.

Swagelok offers several to choose from:

  • Intelligent Control Module™ (ICM)
  • Digital Valve Control Module (VCM)
  • Intrinsically Safe Pressure and Temperature Transducers (PTX Series) and 
    Digital Pressure and Temperature Transducers (PTX Series)

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Swagelok Smart Products and Systems

Intelligent Control Module™

Intelligent Control Module™ (ICM™) Product

The Swagelok ICM product is an intrinsically safe (Class 1, Division 1/ATEX Zone 0 rated) device. Operates up to six pneumatic stream selection valves. Accepts analog and digital inputs from a variety of sensors. Provides intrinsically safe power to sensors requiring 24 volts to operate. Brings control and logic functionality to the sample system through an embedded script processor. Communicates with other systems through a CANopen® network interface. Fill the form to get details by email.

Intrinsically Safe Pressure & Temperature Transducers (PTX Series)

Intrinsically Safe Pressure & Temperature Transducers (PTX Series)

The Swagelok intrinsically safe PTX series transducer is specifically designed to measure pressure and temperature of sample system fluids. Reduces delay time dramatically with a low-volume flow path and rapid purge bowl design. Is approved internationally for use in any hazardous location (Class I , Division 1/ATEX Zone 0). Communicates with Swagelok intrinsically safe ICM product or other traditional automation equipment with suitable analog inputs. Available with 1/4 in. and 6 mm Swagelok tube fittings or Swagelok MPC series modular system end connections. Fill the form to get details by email.

Digital Valve Control Module (VCM)

Digital Valve Control Module (VCM)

The Swagelok Digital Valve Control Module (VCM) is a Class 1, Division 2 rated device. Actuates up to six pneumatic stream selecting valves. Accepts digital inputs as an option. Communicates with other systems through a DeviceNet™ network interface. Fill the form to get details by email.

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