Stop leaks

Protect workers. Save money. Consume less.

We empower you to control compressed gas leaks—and prevent the safety issues, extra costs, and hassle that leaks cause. It's free and easy to get started here:

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Leaks are common

...and often hard to find. Use our engineers to track down argon, helium, nitrogen, and CDA leaks as small as 1 x10-3 cm3/s. Get a hand quantifying each leak and choosing cost-effective ways to tighten up.

Leaks are costly

One gallon of hydraulic fluid costs approximately $40, yet millions of gallons of it leak each year. Loss of lubrication can damage equipment damage, and drips can lead to falls, extra emissions, and worse.

Compressed Gas Leak Detection
Compressed Gas Leak Detection (2 min)

Tag, prioritize, and act

Our engineers can check your compressed gas system and spot the leaks. We find leaks as small as 1 x10-3 cm3/s, tag and catalog them, and present you with a detailed report designed to help you act.

Benefits of using our leak detection services

Protect workers

You get more than a list of leaks. We also look for potential safety hazards, misapplication of components, excessive wear, or damage. We can even analyze components in a lab to understand mode of failure and identify any change in components that could prevent future failures.

Lower consumption

The roadmap you receive has detailed recommendations for systematic energy-efficiency improvements. The results directly contribute to increased reliability, decreased energy consumption, and reduced emissions due to component failures, installation errors, and incorrect product selection.

Reduce costs

A typical report might run several dozen pages. It starts with a summary of the work done, listing the areas we looked at and an estimate of the cost of all leakage per year. It also spells out the highest priority leaks to deal with. Then the report gets into the details of each leak and what it is costing you.

Leak detection enhances safety & lowers costs

Getting started is easy. Just fill a short form, then we exchange more information. There is no obligation and no fee for a phone consultation.

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