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Get articles by materials testing and surface analysis experts.Get articles by materials testing and surface analysis experts

Swagelok Chief Scientist Pete Williams and former Swagelok Senior Research Fellow Sunniva Collins have published on topics related to Swagelok components' proven quality.

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  • Low-Temperature Colossal Supersaturation, Advanced Materials & Processes (2 pg PDF). Low-temperature colossal supersaturation (LTCSS) is a novel surface hardening method for carburization of austenitic stainless steels without the precipitation of carbides.
  • Electropolished Tubing: Avoiding Corrosion in Welded Applications, Chemical Processing (4 pg PDF). American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) 316L tubing commonly is used in many industries’ fluid system applications, including the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries. In these applications, large systems of AISI 316L tubing are welded orbitally/autogenously in place. As a method of construction, welding is fast and avoids the crevices — and potential for crevice corrosion — commonly experienced with mechanical couplings. 
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