Swagelok replenishment program helps ensure product availability.

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Save thousands in carrying costs

Take advantage of vendor-managed inventory, auto-replenishment, collaborative forecasting, consignment inventory, and custom kitting.

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Reduce carrying costs and increase working capital

Streamline inventory management with our wide range of supply chain services. We offer supply chain optimization services that can help you reduce inventory carrying costs; increase working capital; and reduce the costs associated with storage, movement, and replenishment of your fluid system components. 

Vendor-managed inventory

One of the most important value-added services available from Swagelok Northern California is inventory management (VMI). Our associates have years of experience in helping to manage a customer’s inventory. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs, by reducing their overall stocking levels.  We can prepare part usage reports, which will help analyze your inventory requirements. We will work with you to establish min/max levels for your inventory, and help to replenish inventory so the components are there when you need them. We will provide you with performance reports that detail the timeliness of our shipments.


Swagelok® Northern California can help reduce your transaction costs. We can contract with you to enter orders for replenishment products into your purchasing systems.  We can visit your facility at regular and predetermined intervals to replenish your inventory. During these visits, product applications can be discussed and technical questions can be answered.

Collaborative forecasting

Swagelok Northern California can help assure an uninterrupted supply of Swagelok components, received when you need them, by working with you to unite your product forecasts with our product fulfillment strategies. We can analyze your historical and forecasted product usage to ensure high fill rates while reducing the costs of carrying needless inventory.

Consignment inventory

Please call us to see if a consigned inventory program makes sense for your business.  Our Inventory Management System™ (IMS™) program is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Custom kitting

We help customers reduce the cost of doing business by offering an array of customized component packaging options. We can help eliminate additional handling at your site by pre-packaging components to your specifications. This service can help reduce packaging waste and your manpower requirement, reduce warehousing costs, and increase the efficiency of your assembly process.

Inventory management systems

In our ongoing effort to help you reduce costs, Swagelok Northern California has developed a more efficient way for you to manage your inventories. Our Inventory Management System™ (IMS™) is designed to make it easier for you to manage your inventory while helping you reduce your operating costs.  IMS™ is a web based software application that simplifies and speeds the transfer of information between your site and ours. It provides a 24 hour on-line service interface, improves order accuracy, provides order confirmation and tracking, and makes an uninterrupted supply of Swagelok components available when you need them.

The IMS™ system is tailored to your needs. If you desire, we can include product storage and automatic replenishment. Our product storage bins incorporate a distinctive labeling system with pictures of each part, part numbers, descriptions, bar codes, and can include your unique stocking numbers to help make it easy to find the components you need. Performance reports help document and track all the Swagelok components and quantities delivered to you each month. IMS™ users login here 

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