The right hose keeps your process performing safely and cost effectively. The wrong hose could undermine your process, put personnel at risk, and compromise your bottom line – without you being aware of it. 5 Steps to Selecting the Right Hose for your Fluid System

In 5 Steps to Selecting the Right Hose for your Fluid System, Werrlein covers:

  • 9 essential hose terms
  • 5 hose core tube material types: the pros and cons of each
  • 5 key application variables
  • 5 steps to quickly pick the right hose
  • 4 main components of a hose
  • 1 example involving coolant transfer lines conveying dialectric media

"Permanent buckling of a hose disrupts the system media flow and creates a rupture threat," says Swagelok Company hose expert Patrick Werrlein. "But because kinked hoses are not easily detected, they are in operation throughout industry."

Bonus Resource: In the tutorial, Choose the Right Hose: A Practical Guide to Hose Selection, Werrlein provides in depth guidance on hose selection.

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About the presenter

From 2008 through 2012, Patrick Werrlein was product manager of hose products for Swagelok. In January 2017, he became President of Swagelok Alabama | West Tennesse. He joined Swagelok in April 2008, bringing with him 16 years of experience in the hose industry. He was sales manager and principal of Coreflex LLC, the high-quality hose manufacturer that Swagelok acquired.

About Swagelok Northern California

Swagelok Northern California, a Swagelok sales and service center, provides the services, technical information, and support that you need to install and maintain fluid systems and Swagelok components. Reach us at 510-933-6200.

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